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Scared of fainting again during blood test

So last time I had blood taken at the GP, I was fine for a bit and then suddenly went really light headed and fainted- I talked with the nurse when I woke up, and she said it could be because I hadn't had enough to eat/ drink. I doubt it was the sight of blood, as that's never been a problem for me, and I fainted after she'd taken the blood out of sight anyway.

I'm meant to have more blood taken soon, and I'm really scared I'll faint again. They said I could lie down this time so they don't have to move me, but it's the sensation that frightens me. It's just such a horrible feeling of being helpless to this sudden dizziness that gets worse and worse until you're unconscious.

Any advice/ relevant experience? Thanks

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I experienced this on one occasion - next time fine - but did have breakfast before having it taken - so make sure you have something to eat and drink (unless its a fasting test) - also take the option of lying down - I do this and it helps.

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