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Hi everyone. Im new here and just wondered if anybody else has had problems getting help. Ive had anorexia since 11 yrs old ( now 39 ) and i have had the most appalling help from the doctors ( i live in the uk..... say no more!) I was hospitalised at 21 weighing 4 stone 2lbs ( im 5'4") put on a drip cos they said i was dehyrated. I satarted bleeding ( period like down below) and because of that they said there was nothing wrong and told me to go home cos i was having a period. I had a heartattack that same day.18 yrs on ive still had no help and they continue to say im too old to have an eating disorder, even tho this did start when i was 11 and tried for help then. Im currently 5 stone 4lbs and pretty much at my wits end. Why cant i be normal? Everytime ive gone for help im either too young, too ill or too old! And the last think the doc said was ' well you're just weird, start drinking you'll get help for that'

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Im actually leaving a reply to anyone right now. Tried once to put message on here. Left my message then someone has pretty much copied half of what i have said in thr same name.What is going off please?


Anyone with anorexia has to get used to weird stuff happening. It's to try and make you feel you are mad. The reason professionals struggle is because they don't fully understand anorexia. You can only do that if you've been there but as it is so hard to recover from what are the chances of a recovered one being a qualified professional. They want you to go away in the hope it triggers you to starve to death then they don't have to do anything because they don't know how to help you. Anorexics make doctors look incapable. At 40 the best you can hope for is death, suicide or 'managing" they don't want to actually say that so they tell you to go away and grow out of it.

Not helpful at all.

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