scared?? please help!

my weight keeps dropping, I'm 44.4kg and 5"9. My bmi is 14.

I feel really dizzy and keep blacking out whenever I stand up, my legs are so weak it hurts to walk up the stairs. I've got thick hair on my arms and face, I've had really bad nausea and I've been sick a couple of times. I'm trying to eat more, some days I can eat what I want, but most I'm too sick to eat.

I'm seeing my doctor but I'm scared she'll send me to hospital. do you think she will and what'll happen if she does??

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  • Heliza11, if your doctor does send you to the hospital, you will get the help you so need. My daughter experiences the same symptoms due to electrolyte imbalance. I could imagine you are feeling this way because of low potassium as well as low blood pressure. You need to see your doctor as soon as possible. I hope you get the care you need. Wishing you well. x

  • thank you :) I'm desperate to see my doctor because I'm really worried about it, but she's on holiday until sep 1st. so I just hope I'll be alright til then!x

  • Heliza11, I understand. I will keep you in my thoughts. Stay strong until you see your doctor. My heart goes out to you. x

  • thanks :) I decided to make an appointment with another doctor, because I'm really worried and I don't want to wait so long. so I'll see the doctor in the next couple of days, and I'll comment back on here about what's happened.x

  • Oh I'm so glad Heliza. Please do let us know how it went. Good Luck my dear. x

  • I put how it went at the bottom of the page :) but they've just rang asking me to go in immediately...which is worrying.

  • Hi hun. Have you had an eating disorder in the past? Im 5'4" and my bmi is 14 and i weigh just under 6 stone so your bmi will be a little less than 14. All i can suggest is please take some diaralite drink ( spelt it wrong but my brains mush, sorry) you will be losing a lot of electolytes thru being sick which can make you very very poorly and can be fatal. If you are being sick so often you need medical help and pretty quick by the sounds of it. Your weight must have gone down gradually over a period of time( saying that tho i lost 3 stone in 14 weeks and didnt notice) but i wasnt physically sick. Please just drink a couple of these dioralyte sachets that you mix with water. Your salts and sugar levels will be very low which is dangerous. Im no doctor but this is what may help a little just through personal experience. I wish you all the best.

  • P.s

    Also your weight is extremely low which in itself will make you feel like .rap! I think i need help here too. Im replying to you and i need help! Let us all know that you get help and are ok xx

  • Pps. I apologize. Your bmi is approx 14.7. Not less than i thought. But a bmi below 15 means your body is starved. If you do need to go to hospital you will at least get sorted out and find out whats wrong so that you dont have to go through all this again. Best of luck. My thoughts are with you

  • thank you!! my doctor told me my bmi was 14 so I'm not 100% I've got my weight right?? but anyway, I've never been diagnosed with an eating disorder. I lost my appetite due to depression&anxiety, but then I just suddenly started controlling what I ate. I haven't ever told my doctor about my food restrictions though, which is why I think she's not worried when she weighs me, because she doesn't think it's intentional.

  • Also I hope you feel better soon, please take care x

  • Hi. Please just get help hun even if its just talking to someone honestly about whats going off even if its a complete prat like me! You dont wont to destroy your life by starving yourself and think that you are in control over food/ weight. It doesnt work but extremely hard to get out of once your in it, especially when your body is starved, very underweight and malnurished. Our brains work completely different when starved and see things so differently. Hope you get that dioralyte soon. Lol i'll post you some. You sound like a very intelligent young woman who does maybe need a little help ( i said maybe cos i didnt want to sound bossy or affend you!) You're worth more than an eating disorder please dont let it ruin your life. Please take care, michelle x

  • My story is on a post on here too. X

  • Hi, I'm the same height and used to be the same weight and had the same experiences and fears. Please don't worry about being made inpatient, if you are then it is literally to help restore you to a healthier weight so you are able to continue on your own, not something to be feared. However this is usually the last resort as they want you to be able to recover as outpatient. Please don't fear the doctors or the advice they give you; listen and do what they say as they are trying to help you. Please, I was so so sick and couldn't believe that it could ever get better but I honestly feel I have emerged from the other side and lookin back there is no way I want to return to how it used to be. There is so so SO much more to life than what an ED makes you think there is. Seriously it's incredible and you are so worthy of experiencing and having a happy fulfilled life. Please get the help you need and deserve and restore your health along the way. You can do it. Stay strong xx

  • thank you so much, it's so reassuring to hear from someone who has gone through similar things. your comment is so sweet, thank you xx

  • I know how scared you are - but given the symptoms you describe I would urge you to get to your GP immediately. The dizziness and the sickness are serious issues and point to a need to get some urgent medical advise - don't leave it any longer. I do hope you find the courage to get help quickly.

  • Hi!

    Firstly, you don't have to be scared if your doctor suggests to send you to be inpatient. Your bmi is very low and if you continue to be like that for some time a bit more, there could be no way of getting back(

    Your therapist should take all medical exams from you and find a special clinic as quickly as possible.

    Good luck and stay strong!

  • thank you all for your comments :) I've made an appointment for tomorrow morning, I'm not really sure what I'm going to say :/ I'm so nervous..

  • How did it go?

  • well, I'm not in hospital haha! I have an emergency appointment about my thyroid, apparently that's what's been messing up my body. I'd lost another kilo in a week, and he said he'd have to 'deal' with the eating side of it if it got any worse. So I don't know if I could have to go to hospital eventually, but right now they're just dealing with me as an outpatient. it was better than I thought. Thank you :) x

  • Heliza11, Oh I couldn't be happier for you that they found a reason and can start getting you back to normal. Thank you for letting us know. Enjoy the rest of the day or evening. You so deserve it. :) xx

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