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Would like some help and advice on E.D :)

I am i 15 year old girl weighing 41kg. i am 4 ft 11. I am currently taking councelling at cahms, and awaiting a doctor to diagnose me for e.d. i havnt had any councelling appointments made for me for 9 weeks now and its not helping me at the moment. In school i feel like i get paranoid as i feel like all the teachers and students stare at me and talk behined my back. i came home school feeling like i wanted to step in front of a car. its currently the summer holidays and i feel overwhelmed to eat lots of food at a time. and i feel so guilty after. i used to purge ( make my self throw up) alot in the early parts of the new school year in 2015. and it carried on till months until i stopped as it caused damage to my teeth. i may have bruxism now due to exsessive grinding of my teeth due to stress. life is very hard at the moment as ive stopped making my self throw up for months now but im gaining weight alot. i used to be able to feel my ribs and now i feel fat around my waist. ive just resorted to starving myself now. Having these issues affects my school work and i feel like im more concerned in being accepted and losing weight then revising. Please help

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Hi Kat3650, I'm so sorry to hear how much you've been struggling. Have you any parents or other concerned adults who could get on to CAHMS and press for further counselling? You can always try ringing one of the Helplines - BEAT or ABC and chat to them. Hope you find help soon. x


Hello Kat. How is it going with your counselling?


my previous counceller has been of for weeks so im having a new one soon

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