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Warning Signs

I've been through this enough times to recognise this is how it starts

*sleepless nights


*adrenelin rushes

* evening exercise classes (that then mean 'it's a little late' to eat dinner)

* 'forgetting' to pack my lunch for work once or twice per week

*regular morning weigh ins

*weightloss supplements

...the problem being I have no idea how to stop things where they are, or should I just trust myself that it won't spiral?

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Hello foreversummer81 ☺ Thanks for writing that ☺ Are you in any form of therapy?? Have you seen a GP at all?? Yes it will "spiral", that's why you must have support. Whilst you are justifing/conning yourself "they" will caĺl you on your behavior.


Hi well done for talking about this here.Yes you need support, can you talk to family or close friend. The decisions about eating need to be taken from you and passed to someone that will make sure you are eating regularly so you cannot feely guilty . Please dont let this spiral any further

With love xx


Great you picked up on the cycle - know I've been there many times - do take action now - from experience - many years of it - I know that I always thought I could beat it myself - I could turn things round - I was in control - WRONG - you need help and support asap - don't let the disease take over with its lies - go to your GP/counsellor/a friend - but do get support - don't beat yourself up - its an illness - if you'd broken a leg you'd go to the hospital - so take action now and get your life back - get your control back - good luck.

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Thank you joolzzz, crazycrossstitcher and joanna21 for your replies. I appreciate hearing others point of view on this.

I do have access to therapy but my therapist is on holiday at the moment.

I'm eating fairly well but I've also noticed today I'm really irritated by people talking about food/diet plans/exercise/Fitbit progress etc. I seem to have zero tolerance for anything to do with that and hence everyone and everything is annoying me :(

I'm not sure if it's worth bothering my GP about? Physically I'm absolutely fine, and actually mentally other than feeling irritated/frustrated I'm fine too.

Thanks again for replying X


Perhaps you will not "spiral", but why wait and see. If you are concerned enough to write on this blog, You owe it to Yourself to seek a professional evaluation sooner than later.

Best to you and yours!

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