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A little information about me


My name is Lisa, and I have to say this right in the beginning : I am not diagnosed with Anorexia, so I don't know if I really belong here,but I think I have some of the symptoms and it would be nice if I could get some feedback. So here are what I think to be symptoms: I totally panic at even the thought of gaining wait, I try to skip meals as often as I can, I try to not cross my calorie Mark (700) per day, I document everything I eat, I download various apps ( fitness, weight control) and so on

Please give me some feedback, it would really help me.



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I suggest you need to see your GP fairly quickly - you are describing all the symptoms of anorexia - especially as you record everything you eat, minimise your calorie intake and are anxious about your weight continually. You could also look at the Anrexia and Bulimia Care webstite or ring their helpline - they are really supportive and have much advice you might find helpful. In addition 700 cals a day is not going to be a nutrition balanced diet - so you risking developing other health issues. Please do seek help as quickly as possible as anorexia becomes extremely serious very quickly.


Hi Lisa, I agree with Crazycrossstitcher...please see your GP asap and tell them exactly what you have told us in your post. Try and talk to a friend too, they are probably aware all is not right with you , you probably think noone notices or cares but they do and will want to help you as much as possible. It is really important with anorexia to get help as early on as possible before this evil disease takes a grip on you.

With love & best wishes

Jo xx


Hi LisaMk :) You were given beautiful, caring advice by the crazycrosssticher and joanna21 please take their recommendations on board. The fact you posted on here you realize all is not well for you. You need to see your GP/DR for a complete physical and you must tell him/her what you've stated here. Please ask for a referral to a dietitian, you need to learn to eat again and you must make sure your nutrition needs are being met. Yes this will cost $$$ ~ you do owe your health this. ♡ Julie


Hi Lisa!

First of all don't panic!! Anorexic behaviors tend to be misdiagnosed at the drop of a pin lately. And if it is, the medical community has come leaps and bounds with addressing the condition.

It is best to seek medical advice, to put your fears to rest.

They can guide you as to what your next step should be.


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