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Help/advice on anorexia

Just need some advice or help on how to deal with Anorexia. I've suffered with the disorder since being 18 but I wasn't diagnosed till I was 22. As the years have gone by it's gradually got worse. I'm now at my worst stages of the disorder and I'm now at risk of being admitted if I don't engage quickly into theraputic input and start putting on weight. But I just can't and I've no idea how to help myself. How do you help someone that won't engage in therapy or put weight on and is at risk of being admitted?

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I'm afraid there is not easy answer to this - and suggest you talk to the confidential helplines and ABC and BEAT - they have loads of helpful information and also offer support by phone which may help you. Unfortunately - and I share the problem with you - when you are at such a low weight your thinking is so controlled by the ED that its hard to see the reality - but at the end of the day - if you don't nourish your body properly and eat adequate calories you are going to lose weight - and your health is going to suffer - and usually recovery is not something you can do alone - and I speak from years of experience I can assure you - you will need the help of medical professionals - so I would suggest you at least talk to your GP or ED unit about the possibility of out patient help to at least stabilise your weight if you are facing in-patient treatment as the alternative - perhaps a discussion before you hit crisis point might access a less "confrontational" out-patient support - but please do contact the helplines as I'm just a sufferer not a counsellor etc

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Thankyou for your advice


So if someone has a mental illness or cancer its just jesus playing with our minds and talking to us. I am so glad that i an not stood next to you right now! So if you get raped by a police officer at gun point and ur so traumatized after which stops you eating is that down to jesus too. You sad women. No wonder your daughter is fucked up. Bloody grow up


My reply was to lilybut33 no body else. Im out of here now. Want to say thanks tho to a couple of people who didnt spout a load of rubbish or who thought they were an expert on the subject cos they were ill for just a few months!!


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