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I know i have an eating disorder. I have all the symptoms and i desperately eant to lose weight. Ive been trying a lot and i have but not reached my goal yet! I feel like starving is the only way out. I purged twice, but now im kind of scared of it bc i accidently watched a video about how dangerous it is and what it does. I still feel like i will do it again. Im reslly overweight. I habent weighed myself as im scared to see what it is. I feel like i cant tell anyone becasue im not anorexic or dying, so everyone would laugh at me. I dont want to wait till it gets bad for people to notice, but i guess i have to. I only hope one day i can be healthy and happy with myself.

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Please get professional help, you don't need to be or look a certain weight to get it. There is no look to an eating disorder, they are a hidden illness! Please go to your GP and ask to be referred to a specialist or local group or therapy to help with the mental side of your eating disorder. You are at a stage in physical health where you can make a full recovery with no physical symptoms, do not let it go any further! Please try and find what underlying issues you have that are causing you to behave like this way before it takes too much control over you. It simply is not worth it. Your health and happiness is of top priority and you need to make sure you do everything in your power to get the help you deserve. You're so brave to be asking for help and admitting you're scared and have this problem. That is so so brave of you! Please take the next step in recovery, this is your chance to and no one is going to turn you down or think you're not ill enough, trust me. I wish I knew that now but I also believed that and did so much damage to my body. My anorexia took hold at 15 and 3 years on I've suffered horrific weight loss, period loss, bone density loss, heart problems, brittle hair, dry skin, acid reflux, blood pressure and all sorts. I have the body of a 70 year old and I'm only 18 :( I am on recovery and weight gain plan now and am having therapy to help with the mental side to prevent relapse. God knows what permanent damage I've caused but that's what I am suffering from at the moment and still petrified of the weight going on, but all because I thought I had to be thinner and sicker to deserve help. You don't!! They will want to help before it becomes too much of a problem and your body shuts down. I beg you to go to your GP and seek help for this. Trust me it isn't worth it to suffer like this. Be completely honest. Tell them everything. Cry. Whatever happens just make sure they have the full story to give you the best possible help. Most of the treatment is self recovery and you have to put in a lot of your own work but friends and family are critical with their support to keep you on track. But as you asked for help I assume you want to recover and are willing to put in the effort to help yourself no matter how terrifying it is. It is a battle but you can win it and live a healthy life. I really hope you seek the help and get treatment and support. You have mine already. I believe you can do this! Message me if you need any more advice or help and good luck!


I would suggest its time you talked to your doctor - especially if you have (and are tempted to do so again) purging - this is, as you say, dangerous to your health. Don't let the problem get any further hold on you - you've been really brave to contact the site and clearly realise you have a problem - so please do go to your GP - you can also ring the ABC helpline who have a lot of advice and support they can offer.


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