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Help for my friend

Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone has used Promis clinics ?? My friend is having a really hard time but her bmi is 18 so the Nhs won't touch her !!! Very frustrating but she is looking at maybe asking for their help privately but she doesn't know if they are by good for eating disorders. Does anyone know or anyone know any routs my friend could take please ? Thanks so my for any help ! Ps she's an adult so would be looking for adult services. Thanks.

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There is help on the NHS for adults you just need to be persistent and keep arranging appointments because no one else can for you. Trust me it's been difficult and time consuming but I'm finally seeing people weekly and getting check ups however I am a high risk patient with a severely low BMI, but your friend can still get the help she needs. Keep arranging appointments, and she will be referred to a clinic for appropriate help and in the mean time ensure she has the support from you and friends and family and so long as she wants to recover herself she may find herself in a better position for recovery by the time that happens.

I'm at a mental health unit in Basildon Hospital if that is local to you or her if that helps and she can suggest it to her GP. All the best with her recovery. She will beat this and you're a great friend for being concerned, that support is crucial to getting through something like this xx


Ah that's great. Thank so much for replying. I will relay all of this to her and see if we can get her an appointment. I will always be there for her. She's such a lovely person. Thank u again and I do hope that the help u are being given helps u and u r able to live the life u deserve. Take care 💗💗💗 and thank u xx


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