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help please

Hi everyone. i am 15 years old i weigh 90 pounds and i am 4 ft 11. ive been struggling so much with eating problems. my friends forced me to eat saying there are people out there in africa who dont have food and it makes me feel like im a bad person. i attend camhs but it dosnt help. i feel like i have no purpose. i constantly excersize every day and my ribs thighes and ankles hurt so bad. please help!

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I'm so sorry to read of your struggles and that cahms is  not helping you.  its good that your friends are trying to help you and that you recognise you have a problem. Anorexia is a very powerful illness which distorts your views around body and food - and affects so much of your life.  Perhaps you could ring ABC's helpline and talk to someone there - they are extremely supportive - or there is also BEAT who have  helplines  for young people.  Can you talk to your parents about how you feel?  There are a number of private specialist clinics around the UK who help people suffering like yourself - maybe accessing one of these would benefit you.  I do so hope that you find support which is positive and helps  you towards recovery. 


Hi you are not a bad person.You have friends and family who are very worried about you and care so much much for you.My daughter was diagnosed with anorexia last year and yes it is a real struggle to get better but with help you can.Our experiences with Cahms are not great either but take all the help and support you are offered.The more you  can talk about your issues the better but I know that is hard . Please believe that you deserve to get better.Anorexia is a horrible disease but always believe that there is hope that there is more to life for you than it

I am thinking of you xx


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