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Over eating then being sick 😔

Hi , I am overweight but I yo yo diet . At the moment I'm on the eating diet 😔 I know I have a problem but I've never been to the Drs about it or ever talked about it really . I get very obsessed with food , using it as an emotional crutch I suppose. I'm sure you all know what I mean . But for instance this morning I woke up with fantastic ideas that I was going to have cereal and then I'd be strong and keep busy until lunch . No that hasn't happened . Took the dog for a short walk . Came in ,made a coffee and ate a mars bar. Then I went back to the kitchen and made 2 scones with jam and butter. Ate those and then went and got the 2 scones that were left and did those with jam and butter and ate those aswell. All the time just shovelling then in and hating myself for doing it. Finished my coffee so that there was enough liquid then went to the toilet and made myself sick for as long as I could. Now I'm sat feeling extremely low and disappointed in myself. I am not super thin ,I'm a UK size 18 so I don't see myself as bulimic but I know it's a problem as I've been doing this since as long as I can remember ...teens I suppose . Sorry for the ramble but I just can't see me getting out of this cycle . Any advice welcome x

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Hi clockwatching ☺ Never apologize for how you feel!  You are not rambling!  You are worried ~ and rightfully so.  You don't have to be a skeleton to have an eating disorder ~ overeating then throwing up IS not normal. You are only young so you do have to get on top of this behavior, now.  You've rationallised your current response to food on some level.  Go to your GP/DR and be honest with him or her, ask for a Full physical and also a referral to a dietician  (you need structure of an eating plan) Please humor me and do this for you and your dog 💕

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Hi! well what i have learnt is that eating these high fat, sugary foods is addictive and in your case habitual because it has been going on for a while. In order to break the cycle, you need to fight temptation and trust me the first day is 100% the hardest! but once you stop on that first day, it will get easier i promise! Also, think about what is going into your body. You want to lose weight right? You should research the harmful effects of too much sugar and fat and white carbs and it will hopefully send a lightbulb about what dangers you could be getting yourself into if you carry on. Once you find out why these foods are bad for you, i'm sure you will be put off them. Also , don't keep those types of foods in your home/at work. If you refill your cupboards with healthy whole grains, fruit , granola bars then you will not be tempted to binge (and even if you do, it is not so bad for you compared to other foods). Another thing to consider is veganism/vegetarianism. It takes a bit of research to know why you are doing it but when I improved my knowledge about what is good for you and what is good for the animals and planet, i went vegan straight away. Please consider it, i don't want to be one of those preachy vegans, but i really do feel the less need to binge. Finally, the next time you want to give in, think about all the emotions and feelings (physical and mentally) you felt last time. Do you really want to punish your body and feel so bloated, upset and disgusted in yourself? NO! so write down the emotions you felt after an episode and look back at it next time you feel the need to overeat! I really hope that has helped sorry it was long, but i know your struggle and would never wish this upon anyone :( good luck xxxxxx


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