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Helo i'm out of control

Help me with your words of wisdom. I've been coming home from work each day and sitting watching tv locked in my room whilst consuming at least 3000 calories. I don't make myself sick any more so the weight is piling back on. I feel like any little thing sets me off at the moment and just can't seem to change the path i've taken. I know lots of ways to stop this behaviour but seem to self sabotage my chances. Does anyone else find it hard not to feel sorry for themselves and be strong when you just want comfort.

I am in my late 30's, have a lot to be happy about but still seem to need to binge.

Your advice may just help me change my ways.

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Hi flump,  ED is like any other addiction. (Learned behavior)  Even if you have a

lot to be happy about, apparently there is that need that is not being met.  Everyone chooses something different to comfort themselves.  No matter what

it is,  we need to go out of the box and within ourselves in order to find happiness.  You have come half way with not feeling the need to get sick anymore

but I feel you still need to find a therapist to help you with the rest of the way.

I'm sure you know that the amount of calories you consume daily is not healthy

for you.  Or you may find that you have given up one problem only to develop

another one. (High b/p, cholesterol, liver, heart)   People can give you advice

but until you are ready to make the change, it won't happen.  I wish you success


Hi flump1977 :) Well done on not purging! Binging :( You sound like you are in a rut, that's just not working for you.  Like Agora1 says counselling/therapy might help. If you are not too tired after work, could you go for a bit of a stroll first (before you come home, just to unwind,  doing something positive for your health will help you mentally)  Why are you binging?  Are you not eating all day or is this Emotional Eating??? Only you know and talking it over with a health professional will help you unravel this.  Set a date and COMPLETELY change "you're coming home routine",  take the tv out of your room and put in the lounge or if there is already one there, sell it.  Get rid of all the food you mindlessly binge on and never buy it again (my problem used to be fresh white bread, real butter with white sugar - just not allowed in the house for decades now). Ok 2016 just might be the year "you decide to pull yourself up" You posted on here, deep down,  you want to get well or you wouldn't have posted on here ;) Wish you peace of mind and the desire to choose your health ♡


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