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Do I have an eating disorder?

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Hi All

I'm concerned about my eating habits I usually have one meal( small) or maybe 2 slices toast a day. My weight is 49kg at 5'9" I am constantly thinking I look too big. I am 40 yrs old! Do you think I have an eating disorder 

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Hello Oli975 ~ umm outside looking in, you do 😨 2 slices of toast a day is just not enough.  I would suggest going to your  DR/GP and telling them about your eating habits and asking for a  referral to a dietician.  You need to be clear to the dietitian you need to increase the amount you eat, slowly. Too much after eating nothing will only cause health problems 😢

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I'm 54 kg n same height as u I'm underweight and suffering from an eating disorder go ur doctor that's severe starvation 

Suggest a visit to the GP - whether you want to label your issues or not - 2 slices of toast are not only insufficient in calories - but nutritionally this is not balanced - vitamins, minerals, protein etc which is going to cause physical problems - so do get to see the GP asap and be extremely honest about what you are eating.

Thanks all for your replies I will make an appointment with my GP and hopefully get some help.

Hi, it's been 10 months know how did you get on at the doctors. Were they able to help you eat a more balanced diet and have you managed to increase your weight. Sorry for being nosey but, I have a young student who is in a similar situation to yourself and it would be an encouraging story for her to see that you can make changes and the GP is the first step to get help. Any feedback would be great x

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