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Scared and worried

Hello, I'm here in need of assistance. I'm a 14 year old teen, and self confidence is very little for me. I have never had much. Im agender, which means I don't identify as having any gender and that makes it hard for me to feel accepted very often. Anyway, I have always been conscious of my weight and how I appear in others eyes. I hqve always had a lot of fat on my legs and stomach and have always been scared to wear any shorts or swimwear. A few weeks ago I hit a low with feeling bad about how I looked and so I started cutting down how much I ate. It started with skipping lunch, then breakfast. By this week I rarely eat anything other then the odd apple or orange, I have been living off of water only. I'm exactly 5 foot high and weigh 6 stone exactly. I don't know what I have, but I'm scared I have developed a kind of eating disorder. Only my best friend knows as they figured it out after noticing I don't eat at all compared to the large masses I ate just two months ago.

I also have started running to the next village and back every day which is 4 miles, as I feel not eating isn't enough to feel better about myself.

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Hello....I think you realize that you do have a problem regarding self-image that

not eating is not going to fix. This can get more serious very fast. You do need

to let someone know so you can get the help you need. Please....


This sounds very dangerous and I'm sorry you feel this way. 6 stone is a very very low weight for a 14 year old.(I am 14 and weigh 7'2" and am underweight). I suggest you try to see a doctor or a thherapist about this before it gets more serious. I think you need help and I'm so sorry this has happened *hugs*

Anna x


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