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My name is Anna and I am new to the community! I am an American, and I think that I need some world-wide help :) Since I was little, I have been compulsively overeating sugar. I have been through TONS of treatment centers, and learning how we are all now connected to supercomputers, I am kinda mad.

I want nothing more than to be healthy. I find myself in a job that I am not extremely satisfied in, having lost the job that I am most passionate about. I strive to get plugged back into the community to work with kids, however, I am having a difficult time setting up consistent students.

I noticed several years ago of my phones being hacked into, and my computer being monitored. That being said, I have struggled and struggled and struggled with my food. I have these insane cravings, and I KNOW they are out of the norm. Has ANYONE found anything that works on this planet? It seems to me like there are so many countries around the world who do not have this issue.

I simply would like freedom from the hunger cues that LITERALLY lead to unacceptable behavior- including in the grocery store. Several years ago, I "heard things" and ended up committing crimes that I would NEVER do. Now that I am hearing them again, I fear for job loss, I fear for the THINGS I did while under this influence. It has been present over the course of my entire life.

Does anyone have a clue what it is? I have noticed it as it pertains to eye-contact. I have even noticed it in babies. I have noticed it in African Americans, and I have noticed it in a lot of my students.

My question is, why am I still suffering unnecessarily? I am extremely bright, typically extremely organized, and I have even noticed that I can hear thoughts of others before they speak. This happened recently at my job when I was on a conference call with people who were in an office across the town.

What is going on in Tennessee? I know that the government tested a federal health care program implementation here, called TennCare and Medicare, and I know that Monopolies are starting to grow here, based out of Texas, however, what I also know, is that I am a wonderful human being, who loves kids, wants to be married, and wants to live free of technical manipulation that is using my body and making me sick. I have noticed a trend in families, in that the families who have more than four children, and who have brilliant children, even from more wealthy economic backgrounds, often end up addicted. Is this some way to control the masses? Rubbish!!!!

I need help!!! But let's start with the food. I know that sugar releases the same reward response that does stimulants, that does oxycodones, that does heroine. ETC. Personally, I know that countries all over the world see drugs as just "as is," and don't try to operate under this black and white mentality. That is kindof how I know something is wrong here. I also know, because under the hypnotic influence, I was quickly thrown variables- in that I FOUND a bag of cocaine at a gas station (didn't do it :)) I was starting to be offered drugs all of the time over a very short period of time, and then I was forced into a rehabilitation center after an unnecessary DUI that I am still paying for. It drained my parents of another 60 grand, and in that treatment center, I desperately requested to be removed from prescriptions and they would not do it. The medications did nothing, which clearly indicates that what I am experiencing is potentially synthetic.

To be programmed from the age of 3 to overeat, to have attachment issues, to chase boys, etc. and then force a life to follow those patterns, knowing I am much more than that, and that I am capable of much more good, is reallllllly disgusting. Can someone out there help me?



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Hi! anna ☺ What a sad situation, you are in 😟 You do sound like you can be in charge of your life ~ possibly go the naturopath route ~ as traditional therapies aren't helping you. Google Alternative Theraoies 🌺

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I will do that. Where are you located? My thinking is that there are much more holistic foods and healing opportunities naturally across the globe. Here in America, not only is every decision food wise based on 'business community support,' the use of the hypnosis and trance to execute political agendas is killing me, destroying my family, and harming a lot of people. Do you partake in more holistic approaches to food? Do you know of any NLP programmers

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