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Help with binge eating

I'm an 18 year old girl and I have been binge eating for at least four years if not more. It's getting more extreme and I feel like I cant control my eating habits anymore. I buy huge quantities of unnecessary food at any given opportunity and take it to my bedroom to eat.

I'm not officially over weight (although i do need to lose weight) because I do exercise a lot but I am not anywhere near as "fit" as should be expected because of what I'm eating.

I've been trying to lose weight for about 3 years now but have stayed exactly the same. I am very self conscious of my weight and feel that it shows much easier on me because I am only 5ft1.

If anyone has advice I would greatly appreciate it.

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Hello asdfghjk☺ Binging is so dangerous ~ you really need to see your GP and explain what you have been doing and see if they can help. You must be really honest to get the right help. You can stop this cycle, it will take time so good to start now 🌺


Great you recognise your problem - and admit to it - and also want to do something about it. You've taken one of the biggest steps - but I would suggest from my experience that its not a disease that you can tackle alone - just like any other illness you often need a GP or specialist to help - so if you feel able to go to your GP and explain your struggles - please do. It would be good if they could access an ED specialist for you - not just an ordinary counsellor/mental health worker. Don't leave things as they are - 4 years can become a life time if you put off seeking help until tomorrow or think you can do it by yourself - you are far from alone in your struggles - there so many others out there suffering too - especially as weight levels don't inidicate how serious the underlying problem is. Good luck.



My name is Anna and I have been binging off and on for nearly 15 years. It is a nightmare and it has destroyed my entire life. It is literally the most painful lifestyle anyone could ever imagine.

The only thing that has really started to work for me is that I have been trying a new diet of protein only. I also went began and ate very little for sometime, but I also have been through too treatment centers in the country. While in treatment, symptoms always seem to alleviate, but as soon as I leave, the disorder returns very strongly.

Something you make want to consider is where you are located. More recently I have done health reading about different countries and what they support. In France. Eating disorders are illegal. I like that concept. To be honest, what are the fears that are driving the thought process?

The fears that drive mine are loneliness- in that I recognize that I value my body weight and appearance and tend to think that I will be loved if I am cute or pretty or skinny or rich enough. That's probably to primary motivating factor. Shins the disorder. Another aspect of the condition that drives the behavior is the addictive nature of sugar. Removing gluten from your diet, if at all possible, will help you stabilize your blood sugar levels, which will reduce the intense cravings. This is so hard to do. Maybe go to a sweat lodge or go camping and get outside for a few days where you can focus on something that gets you out of yourself. I find that when I am alone and I am not partook aging in physical activity, I become even more engulfed in the negative patterns.

If you'd like someone to talk to, like an accountability buddy, let me know! I will be happy to give you my number.

For me, I am doing better these days, but I still have room for improvement. And they don't make it easy for me- my temperature fluctuated in expectantly, my body is sensitive and I am often hit with energy weapons that stimulate me irregularly. Do you ever experience strange physical ailments? That may be something to consider to determine whether you are dealing with a sugar addiction or if you are part of a war, as I am.

Hope this helps-



Sorry for the egregious grammatical errors. I am typing from my phone.


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