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Need advice


Please help I've got a friend she 16 years old and she been recently diagnosed with anorexia and bulimia. She has also ended up in hospital after 3 suicide attempts and self harms all the time, me and my friends have tried everything to help her but we are running out choices. She said to me she done she didn't want to live today it scared everyone. She refusing to go back to CAHMS (concealing). Please if anyone got any advice please tell me.

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Well hello lottiechar 😯What a horrible horrible place you are in...Have you thought about getting counseling for yourself??? Sometimes no matter how much we love someone and want what we think is best for them, it may not be what they want. 16 is soo young, not to your friend though! She will think she is 6ft tall and bullet proof - try thinking/seeing these suicide attempts - as she Might turn her own "self hatred" thinking around. You can only hope and pray for her. Try talking to her about how her actions toward herself affect you, please be patient with her. Can you talk to her parents? Is she in school? (maybe the school counselor could help? Is she religous? What I'm getting at here is you need support, so does your friend. I'll pray for you both 💚

Its a dreadful position to be in - anorexia is a very destructive illness - not only does the person with the problem - but for all those around them - she is lucky to have a friend like you who she feels she is able to talk to - and I guess at present listening is all you can do. May be you could approach a school/college counsellor to talk about your feelings - and share the conversation you've had with your friend - unfortunately anorexia is very complex - you can't just take a pill and get better - and you tend to reject all those who try to get close to you and help you - you could contact the ABC support line - and suggest your friend does too - they support both those with the illness and those supporting them and I know they're really experienced and good at this - there's also BEAT.

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