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How to get back to eating healthily

Hello. For about 1 month now I have been dieting and successfully losing weight. I started with removing sweet and fast food foods, then went on and removed foods high on carbohydrates and fatt and so on and now I think I may be eating too less. I usually count calories but I am not exactly sure how much I eat per day but I think that they are below 600 which I know is really bad. I dont know how I got up to this point. Maybe it happened this way because in the summer I tried to put off weight the healthy way- by exercising and just slightly reducing food but I didnt really see a big effect and when school started and I no longer had time or desire for exercising and started eating less and less and really saw a big weight loss. I lost 7 kilos in a month and a half and now I weight 48 kilograms and height 168. I didn't get my period this month and that really scared me as there is no way I may be pregnant. So I realised that I should start eating more.I really like the way my body looks and dont want to lose more weight but I am a bit scared of starting to eat more because I think that I will gain weight really fast as my metabolism is probably very damaged. Can someone give me advice on how do I can get back to eating normally without gaining weight or at least not gaining more than 1kg. I dont really like the idea of exercising but I guess I will have to do it if that's what will help me maintain my weight. I turned vegetarian a month and a half ago. this not connected with my desire to lose weight but with animal cruelty but I think I have not been getting enough protein and iron because of this.

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I am 15 btw.


It sounds like you might need a bit of help - perhaps you could speak to your GP - especially as your periods have stopped. Many surgeries have a practice nurse who can help you look at your diet. You already know 600 cals daily is not sufficient - and probably your diet needs a bit of balance brought back - especially as a vegetarian. You could also contact ABC who also have a dietitian who might be able to advise you.


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