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Do I really have a eating disorder

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I have been extreme dieting for about four years on and off ever since I had my wonderful son after I had him I was so sad that I had gained so much weight that I started working out 2 to 3hours a day and trying to stay under 1000 calories aday somtimes 500 to 600 calories I lost weight and looked and felt grate I also take just about evey vitamin in the book latly in the last year I have began eating alot then thowing it up I feel so great after cuz I get to eat an the calories dont count i this happens for about a week once a month I never thow up my vitamins and I only thow up what I've over ate making shore its right after I eat to avoid stomach acids I think its a great way to not mess up my diet cuz if I do one thing wrong in my diet plan the whole thing is ruined does anyone agree with me or am i all alone in the thoughts I don't think this is an eating disorder I just do not want to be fat I can't live and I won't be fat but honestly I'm starting to think that i have a problem

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Maybe it might be the start of an eating disorder that's how mine started I started eating less than 1000 calories then it went down to 400 day then I started eating again if I eat something bad then I'd make myself sick till it became a cycle doing it everyday I didn't know at the time I was suffering from

P,s,t,d, syndrome only then I realised how out controll it was so if you feel like may be you might have a problem chat to some one it's always good to ask for help before it gets worse I hope this helped

Suggest you get some help now - clearly restricting your eating, exercising to this extent, and throwing up is not a normal approach to a healthy weight. I started a bit like you - and then somehow, almost overnight, I was taken over by an ED - so get help now - prevent things getting worse - and get your life and control back - you might feel in control - but in the end you soon realise the ED is actually controlling you - and not in a postive or good way.

So true...

I'm not a doctor so I can't dx you...but that's EDNOS w/ bulimic tendencies. You don't binge/purge frequently enough to be bulimic (yet), and I'm not sure if you're underweight?..., that would make you anorexic b/p subtype. Hope this helps...disorders morph over time and shift back and forth, been my experience for the last 23 yrs anyway:(

I have been in treatment for an eating disorder at a treatment center twice. Please don't kid your self. It is an eating disorder whether u do it month or daily. Throwing up is not normal. It messes with your electrolyte balance and will ruin your, if u can get help. Start By SPEAKING WITH A doctor.

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