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Cant move forward

Hi. I am 28 years old and have been in recovery with Anorexia since I was 14.

I cant seem to get over the fact that my constipation is SOOO bad and wondered if anyone else suffers with this, and even better found a solution.

My GP has prescribed me with Macragol, but my Councillor told me that I shouldn't take laxatives as I will come to dependent on them.

I have been taking them for 3 years but REALLY want to stop. I keep relapsing as I will come of them for a week I wont have a BM for few days so Il go back on them!!!

Im still underweight which probably doesnt help. I eat loads of healthy high fiber foods, plenty of Fruit and veg with plenty of water throughout the day. I hardly ever eat any thing unheallthy like Crisps, chocolate or cakes.

I have tried eliminating things form my diet, but I honestly dont think Its IBS as i dont generally suffer any pain, just discomfort and bad wind from time to time.

I know alot of it is distorted thinking because if I dont go I worry about all the food that inside me and I need to get it out so I will then exercise loads to burn calories.

I was supposed to be starting a family at the end of September but im not ready in body or mind and would really like some support so I can have my dream!!


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Hi Sammy987 :) Yes it is scary when bodies don't work like they did. Persevere with "getting off laxatives" Your body will self regulate, eventually. I have never found any solution, except, perseverance. When??? When you least expect it. Possibly consider involving yourself in some self empowerment activities (yoga, meditation, boxing etc) then move onto group activities of your own interests, you will feel less overwhelmed with the concept of being a parent, knowing you have support all over the place. Congratulations with all your progress so far. :) :)


Hi I have never been diagnosed but I definitely did suffer from an eating disorder for many years! I am still obsessed with my body and weight now! I don't think this will change, I used to get bad constipation after stints of not eating properly etc I used to take laxatives to combat this but then I got addicted to them and it was just another way for me to control my weight so I don't take them anymore as I can't trust myself!

Your doctor is the best one to give you advice on this

Good luck


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