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I've not been diagnosed with an eating disorder and I eat all the time, healthy and junk food. I don't make myself be sick or starv myself. My problem is I had a baby 11 month's ago by emergency c section and I suffered with bad depression after as my scar was a big knock down for me. I over came the depression and now I am proud of my scar but for the last few weeks and been really down and depressed with my body, mostly my tummy, Im a size 6/8 and weigh 8 stone, recently when I look In a mirror I see an ugly fathe person looking back me. I have days where I just cry as I hate the way I look and I hate my body.I've been taking slimming tablets and eating healthy. My brain tells me I'm beautiful and slim and perfect the way I am but my eyes see different. I'm so self conscious and have little self esteem. I just don't know what to think at the moment. X

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Hi there Emily kate9 :) Please don't be soo hard on yourself, you and your body have been through a life changing do have your beautiful little baby from this. Everyones body is different, your body will "snap" back - eventually. Emily kate9, I hope you don't mind me saying this, "you sound very depressed to me :( Is it possible to go to your Dr and ask for a referral to a counsellor/therapist for depression?? Possibly consider joining a mothers group, it will help you. Look for all the positives right now - you are eating well, you accept your scar, you and bub are both healthy physically!!!! Please ask to talk to someone who specializes in Post-natal Depression.

Julie xo


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