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Anorexia to binge eating

Is anyone else suffering from once being anorexic to now beinge eating/restricting? Our daughter has been labelled as a binge eater but can't get the right help. Has been discharged from normal anorexia help because they are not commissioned to support binge eaters! NHS say binge eating is not funded to take inpatients because it is usually treated as an outpatient. We have gone through all the outpatient services and it has not helped. We really feel that inpatient treatment is the way forward, but are fighting the system to get funding. Anyone else in, or has been, in this position? If so any ideas what we should do. Thanks.

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Hi there, I was in a similar position and think it's reasonably common for those who previously restricted to end up binging. I used to be anorexic but didn't ever acknowledge it and never had treatment And then developed bulimia. I had counselling, nutritionists even hypnotherapy and went on antidepressants that I meant to help with binging etc which helped the bulimia go away but the binging was still more or less there. I wanted to be an inpatient so I could just be 'fixed' but nhs wouldn't find, so I had a long course of CBT and it really worked, I'm still on the tablets and have quite a lot of blips but it's definitely helped. Another more menial suggestion, is getting a hobby that doesn't allow for binging. So, I started running (which is good for those with weight issues and for you mind) but now I am training for a half marathon u know I can't binge on certain days Or I will feel to ill to train...

Hope that helps in some small way!


Hi, thank you for your reply. I agree with you about getting a hobby...the thing is, my daughter only really eats one meal and thats at night. Her view is that because when she has something to eat, she is unable to stop. So she doesn't eat all day, then has a meal (well not what i call a meal)! and then binges but as its late at night there is less time to binge. We have to keep the kitchen door locked. The hobby would get some structure into her day. She is (was) a very sporty girl but bit by bit her confidence was eroded and the anorexia took hold in a big way. She did have a week in the Priory due to threats of suicide and even in the short time, she did make a slight improvement, hence our persisting efforts for her to try this, but on an ED basis. Just wish the NHS where consistant with its views of the type of treatment she should be receiving. East Kent say no to inpatient treatment, but West Kent say yes !! We now have to waite until they can come to a mutual decision.......meanwhile she continues to deteriorate. Sooo frustrating.


Hello, I am very sorry to hear about your daughters struggle with this parasite that lives in us. But, she has two amazing parents that are supporting her in the best way that you can. Firstly be proud of yourselves. Not many parents and loved ones get the praise they deserve. I suffered anorexia for a long time, I even lost memory of two years of my life, i just don't remember anything. I then went on to binge eating. I would advise you to look out for, excessive exercise, even when she is in a room alone. Look out for her dissapearing to the toilet after meals/snacks in case she is purging. Watch her water intake, especially with meals/snacks. When I purge i drink water every bite or two because anyone who purges knows that you need water to purge easier. Watch out for diet pills and laxatives. Laxatives are very bad because they strip the body of water and make you feel tired, lethargic and sore. Laxatives are addictive but binge/purge is the worst in my opinion. I went through two years of binge/purge everyday about 5-6 times a day. We can be very secretive and hide things very well. Ensure she is always with someone if possible. you want to catch and eliminate binge and purge as fast as you can. I think if it wasn't for my boyfriend at the time I wouldn't be here today. I hope i have helped even a little. If you would like any more advice on anything or any questions, please reply. I will be honest :) Hannah


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