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My story

I was diagnosed with anorexia when I was about 11 years old. I'm 14 turning 15 now. I stop eating twice the first time was 7 months and the second time was 9 months. Not one bite of food went in my mouth because I was being bullied really bad and i almost committed sucicide. I still cut myself till this day and eat only about 2 meals a day and it's not even a full meal. Maybe just a little meat and very little vegetables. Has this ever happened to anyone? does anyone else share almost the same story as me? Please I need answers so I feel I'm not alone😩😣

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Hi There, I am so sorry that happened to you :( :( :( You must have felt so alone - backed into a wall even to react like that. Do you realise that reacting that way is letting the bullies still haunt you?? Can you tell your parents?? You need support immediately. Make an appointment with your family Dr, you and your family need trauma counselling. Please don't delay - xo

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I just feel like I cant...


Ok :( Would you go to the school counsellor, at least???


I feel like I'm letting you down, so ill just talk to you ok. My daughter is a fair bit older than you but I remember 14 going on 15, it was a really traumatic time, for all of us. She tried to carry the weight of the what was happening, and did not want to involve the family, because she was trying (in her mind) to protect us. She did not think we could cope. She did not want to disapoint us. We could cope, we were the adults after all :) Disapoint us?? Not really possible :) Well you can imagine the reaction I used to get in response to asking how she was!!! (yes we laugh about it now!) Anyway finally one of her girlfriends did "tell" what was going on. That was the beginning of the end of everything, thank god. We could all start dealing with reality. The good news is, although High School was not straight into University, she starts next year and really wants to do it. She really appreciates life and all it has to offer now. She will now be the first to put her hand up and ask for help. Lots of surprising fantastic results can come from telling the truth :) You do count, please ask for help. We never know how strong we are until we have to try ~ you are stronger than you know ~ you can do this..xo



I know this message is a long time after you posted the original. But I just joined up with this site and read your story.

How are you doing now?

I struggled with anorexia myself when I was around your age, and my heart goes out to you.

You aren't alone.

God Bless! xxx


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