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I want to loose weight so bad, I hate my body

I'm 17 years old and for aslong as I can remember have hated my body, I'm 5 ft 2, 7 stone 9 which I've been told is the correct weight for my height but it's not the weight I'm worried about its what my body looks like. I absolutely hate my height and I know that can't be changed so i would love to have a body that I'm comfortable with, All my friends are very slim and beautiful with long legs and eat whatever they want without worrying then there's me who eats so much more healthier than them and I'm still fatter. I eat reasonably healthy everyday and don't eat large amounts of food, I drink 2 litres of water atleast everyday, I was exercising regularly but I have got to the stage where I'm so down about my body that I don't want to do anything, I have lay in my bed for 3days, and ate a few chocolate biscuits which isn't going to help in anyway. Im going on holiday in 1 week and 4 days and will be going with a friend who is perfect in every way,personality body, hair, voice, she has money, and she has also invited her boyfriend, this is causing me to be even more insecure about my body and I'm desperate to loose weight before I go on holiday. My body has stopped me from doing a lot of things for example making new friends because they'll have to see my body, have a boyfriend, going to the beach with my friends during the summer, even going out the door sometimes, i know all the things I need to do to loose weight but I don't have the money or the motivation. I've even thought of not eating at all for the next week or so, so atleast I would be thin for holiday but I already know that my body isn't the type to loose weight by not eating I actually gain weight when I don't eat, this is very frustrating because my only answer is to exercise and eat very strict diet, I never have it simple

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Dear Danleah, try not to be so hard on yourself. I'm sure if you asked your friend, she wouldn't think her body was perfect. Like you, she will have some concerns about her appearance, a large nose, small mouth, big feet...The thing is, some people don't worry about it so much. Try concentrating on the positive - by the sound of it you are a perfectly healthy 17 year old with her life ahead of her. Try to enjoy the holiday, look for fun things to do, make yourself talk to other people and focus on them, if you catch yourself worrying about your appearance tick yourself off (gently!) and move on. Before you know it, you will have made new friends and feel a lot more positive about life. If you feel you can't manage to change your negative thoughts on your own, try talking to someone. If you can't be open with friends or family, there are help-lines out there (BEAT, ABC Anorexia Bulimia Care) and they will chat to you confidentially. Good luck!


Thank you so much, never thought I would get a reply on this so I'm very greatful xx


It may be hard but try and get rid of the scales too, or only allow yourself a weigh twice a week. Then at least you're not thinking about the number as much. Remember, theres not many people in the UK never mind the rest of the world that have the chance to go on holiday. So embrace it and give life your all. You're perfect just the way you are :) x


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