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Unsure About What Is Happening

Hey everyone, I'm just making this post to see if anyone can help me out here. I've never really thought about me relating with an eating disorder (And maybe it is just me being funny about my recent diet changes) but i'd love if someone could give me some advice as to what to do.

I've always had a thing with being ashamed of my body size. I've never really acted on it though until in the last 6 months or so though. As it stands, I usually only have 1 proper meal a day (Sometimes I may have a piece of toast in the morning if I can make myself, but otherwise not really) I've always wondered if due to other mental issues, that would be the reason why. (I've struggled with depression-related issues in the past, which resulted in me not wanting to eat because food just wasn't tasting of anything at really low points...sometimes I still get this issue)

I'm not sure what else to say really, but is it worth seeing to, or should I just leave it?

(I also probably explained this badly so if anyone has any questions towards it I'd be happy to answer them)


Amaya x

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Hi Amaya,

I would certainly go and see someone about your reluctance to eat and your issues with being ashamed of your body size. Eating disorders have a tendency to creep in unnoticed until they really have a grip! Depression can be a related condition and that also shouldn't go untreated. Have you visited your GP as a starting point? If they aren't sympathetic, there are services out there which might help and have telephone advice lines and web advice e.g. BEAT. Good luck,


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Hi Amaya,

I'm sorry to read of your struggles but it's good that you have recognised this as a problem. It's important for you to get help as soon as possible as the longer you leave it the harder the recovery process will be. It is very likely that it is related to the depression that you had in the past and counselling would be able to help you with this. Maybe you would like to give us a call on 03000 11 12 13 and we can guide you in the right direction and offer you support with your eating through our registered dietitian.

Kind Regards,


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