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Do I have anorexia?

I'm eighteen and currently only weigh about 34kg. I've read and read and read about anorexia a million times and while I do have most of the symptoms, the one that I cannot relate to at all, is the want to be skinny. I absolutely hate being skinny and I am sick of being fatigue, mentally and physically exhausted. I don't have a problem with body image, but I do acknowledge the fact that I do starve myself. A lot. I avoid eating at all costs but I also really want to gain weight? Is this anorexia or something completely different?

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Everyone will say you need to speak with a doctor for diagonise and help. However as 25 year veteran of anorexica I would say you likely are too. Eating disorders often can be about a desperation to seek control in our lives often after some control was taken away from us in a variety of forms. It is a coping mechanism - and a very dangerous unrewarding coping mechanism.

Even now for me I hate my bones shoulders and arms and have to cover them up. But that does not stop me from continuing unhealthy behaviour. My worse was 78 pounds at 5'5". When you get that thin and still want to loose more it can't be about just thinking you are 'fat'. Please see a doctor immediately otherwise you could passaway from a heart attack. I nearly died because of low blood pressure after a simple surgery - that easily could happen to you as well. Please get help now. I had the disease my entire life. It ruined romantic relationships, my fertility, and hurt me so bad in many other ways. The sooner you get help the better your chance of making a full recovery.❤️


Hi MarySue :) 18 and you weigh that :( Your question, are you or not? Please go to your Dr/GP and get a physical done - tell them that you have no appetite and absolutely zero desire to be as thin as you are. Look up the side effects of food/nutrition being with held, this will serve 2 purposes, 1. it might be the push you need to eat something nutitional hungry or not, anyway. 2. when your Dr/GP asks you questions at least you will know their motivation behind the question and subsequent action. Mary Sue there simply is no more time to waste, the sooner you get help the quicker you can move on from where you are currently at. Not eating can also become a habit - it is not a habit that anything good will ever come from. I wholeheartedly agree with Aspen2015, please start with your Dr/GP. Put up a picture of a happy, healthy, physically fit girl on your fridge and say to yourself this will be me :)


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