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weight gain

i got diagnosed with anorexia and have started my treatment, after a long time of been in denial of my ED i'm starting to feel like i want to get better, but the thought of gaining any weight terrifies me. I've been put on a very low activity lifestyle, which doesn't suit me at all as i've always been a very active person. As it is it already feels like the most horrific journey to have to watch myself gain weight and try and be okay with it, now on top of it all i cant even work out! people who have been through a similar thing have told me that recovery is possible and you do feel better at the end of it, but i'm finding that hard to believe. Dose anyone have any advice or tips on how to cope with it all!??

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You just have to cope. It goes against every bone in your body

...every thought and there is no easy way. It literally drives you mad but you have to face the panic and fear eating and the thoughts of weight gain bring and believe me all the underlying issues and real things underneath are much harder to tolerate and cope with tg

The food, eating and weight gain fears and panic are a test or practice I suppose. Building uoir paim tolerance. It is a loooong journey. Every time I ate and didnt compensate it was horrendous for a long time...likey head was in a vice I didn't breathe normally for months and months. I guess you don't cope at first you just learn to cope with not coping and accepting that is ok and slowly building up.



Would it help to focus on what is the healthy way forward? I tried to tell myself that every challenge was just that.

I try to recognise my anxiety (panic!) and then park those feelings. Then I congratulate myself for doing that. Also the past is the past and there is no further point dwelling on negative feelings.

I have found mindfulness and CBT helpful especially in combination

All the best


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