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Everyone keeps saying to me that i have an eating disorder because ive been calorie counting, eating less and ive lost weight rapidly, and been weak and periods stopped and stuff , but then today i was disgusting, went out to dinner and had a 3 course meal and then at 10.30 wev got hungry again so ate fish and chips -dont judge ive genuinely been hungry

But what im saying is that im confused as urely this means i dont have an eating disorder? Otherwise i wouldnt have eaten it all?

Im just so confused, i feel so fat and horrible x

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You need to speak to your GP asap - and request specialist ED help. It is a very typical cycle with EDs - starving and then over-eating. Your body is starved of nutrients - so when you give it some after the starvation period it craves more to re-feed itself. If you this isn't dealt with very quickly it becomes a pattern and spirals rapidly out of control - I've been where you are so I know what happens - denial of the problem is also a symptom of the problem itself - it changes your brain from the normal logical to the ED - which takes over when food is involved. So please seek help - and never think it'll just go away or that you'll get control back - my experience is that his never happens in reality. Good luck.


Thank you, that helps a lot in understanding. I was just confused as it seems that i have a tendency to have 'fat days' where if i know ill have to eat badly then i end up overeating to sort of 'make the most ' of eating everything as i wont get this chance again, but then the next day im full of guilt and go back to the less than 1500 calories again!

I will certainly try my best to get to the GP, im fed up of feeling so fat.

God bless, thanks again :)


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