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Advice needed

I need not sure whether i definetly have an eating the past i stopped eating and lost a lot of weight but that was nearly two years ago...but ever since have had trouble with food and over these last few months i have had trouble just sitting at the table with my family for dinner it makes me feel sick when i eat and there is no appetite for me to eat snd i feel like im forcung food down me for the sske of it and i dont want it... The problem with the feeling sick is that when i want to throw up i physically cant due to having a reflux operation when only being a baby so the sickness feeling just stays in my stomach for a long time...also when i eat just the littlest of thing i feel like ive eaten a tonne of food or like ive just put on twice the weight. I need just the smallest advice because i dont know what to do.

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I'm not qualified to say whether you have an eating disorder of not but it sounds that you should go and see your GP about this. It could be that a course of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) would help you distinguish between your thoughts, behaviours and physical feelings and then how to break the cycle that you are in. There are good workbooks and books out there that you could use instead (or even better as well as) to help you.

If you are at school or college, are there staff trained in counselling to whom you can explore what is going on?

Our thoughts and physical feelings can get tied together. It may help if you can stand back and observe how the physical reactions and thoughts kick each other off as you are faced with eating a meal. If you do this then you can break the link. This is what CBT can do.

It would help too if you can eat small meals and snacks throughout the day when you are not eating with your family. This would help your digestive system to work better and lessen the feelings of nausea.

It would be good to hear how you get on

all the best


You certainly should seek some medical advice - EDs can be extremely powerful and your mind can play amazing tricks on you with physical results. Don't let the problem grow any more - but talk to someone now so that you can look at the reasons for your difficulties - and of course check there's no physical cause for the nausea.


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