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can i have some advice?

im writing on here because i don't know what else to do. when i talk to my mum i feel guilty because i feel like i am being a burden on her with my problems. I have been told by my gp and refferal clinic that i have anorexia. after days of eating very little and then usually a day with no food at all i have a binge where i eat roughly 2000 calories. i dont even know if its a lot in general or if its just a big deal to me because im not used to eating that many calories in one go. but after every binge i feel so guilty and ashamed of myself. i feel like a disgusting person and then majorly regret what i have done so i dont eat anything the next day because ii know i will loose the weight that i might have put on from the binge. i just want a little bit of advice on what i can do to feel happy. sorry this is really long but i dont know what else to do.

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Thanks for sharing your heartfelt feelings. Are you receiving any help from the eating disorders people?

2000 calories isn't very much if you have spent the rest of the time eating very little. When your body is starving it will lead your brain to eat quite a bit in one go. If you can, you would be much better off eating regular meals and snacks. You be eating that 2000 claries per day but it would be better for your body if you eat it over the whole day rather than in one go!

Does your school/college (assuming you are still a student) have someone you could talk to?

As a mum, it is very natural to want the best for mums to worry about the health of our sons/daughters. Your mum loves you and will want to support you in whatever way she can. Can you think of ways she can do just that? There are also support groups/helplines where she can talk about what is going on for her.

Ultimately the only way to be happy again is to eat healthy regular meals with sufficient calories. Carrying on with anorexia will lead to, sometimes permanent, health issues - I know this from bitter experience. Please please work on recovery.

It will be good to hear from you again


thank you for replying , this helps a lot!


You need to get some professional help and support. 2000 calories a day is the requirement for a "normal" person - so even your "binges" are actually a normal days intake. Anorexia is a very serious mental and physical health problem - and you need help to over come it. To be happy means to be healthy and to get a "right" attitude towards food - and to look at the issues in your life that have brought you to this point. If you can talk to your mum - I suggest you do so - I didn't want to burdon mine, but when I shared with her she was so relieved to talk to me - she knew I was unhappy and could see physically I was not well - but didn't know how to approach me. You say you are being treated by a clinic - do you not receive any support/counselling/dietary advice ? Secondly - you can contact the help lines at ABC and BEAT - both provide telephone support. Hope this helps


thank you so much for your advice!


The thing is, what are you gaining not eating? Because itll get to a point where you dont look good, you wont have the effort for friends, youll be able to exercise less, if at all.

Im like this.

2000 isnt that much. Your needs are probably that much; its the recommended amount. But dont count this.

Im getting happier just learning to trust myself to eat enough for me.

Your body knows what it needs, just try and feed it on good stuff,wholegrains, protein, nutrients, dairy. Feed your body and go out and live <3


thank you for your advice <3


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