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Binge eating

I'm pretty sure I have Binge Eating Disorder, but I haven't wanted to bring it up to a doctor. I have told a couple of people close to me but I don't feel like most people take the issue seriously which makes me feel ashamed and not want to open up about it. For a few months, I feel the urge to binge multiple times a week and I feel as though I cannot control my consumption of high sugar/fat foods when I get the craving. I always eat way more than I want - until my stomach is in a lot of pain, and I feel tired and bloated. I have tried multiple times to get a hold of my eating and stop bingeing, but I always give in to the urges. I am honestly so frustrated. I have been diagnosed with depression as well and this bingeing has been making me feel depressed again. Is there anybody else that's experiencing the same thing?

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I can totally relate!!! It's very embarrassing, I was so ashamed that I didn't want anybody to know! I found this forum that literally changed my life I'm not even kidding! The gal who hosts it is awesome, she explains a technique that worked for her to stop binging instantaneously! It's super easy! I tried it and it worked, I haven't binged since and that's nothing short of a miracle for me, seriously!! Everything else I tried never worked. Anyways, this is what worked for me, I literally broke down when I realized it actually worked! Here's a direct link to her forum:)

Hope this helps, best of luck to you:)


Hi :)

I feel like I can completely relate to this. I too was ashamed of going to the doctor, I called a helpline about my binge eating and they told me to write it down and hand the note to the doctor, it was still hard, but it helped. I have only told close family, people sometimes can't relate to it and it can be difficult to talk about, so im trying to keep it to myself. My binge eating would be daily high carb/sugar/fat foods, this has been happening for over two years and I have only just gone to the doctors about it. If I have feelings of feeling bad about myself I tend to end up binging, I will eat really fast until im full and bloated and I feel horrible afterwards. It is so frustrating but the best thing that I have done is go to the doctors and get it off my chest, and they have now started the process of trying to help me. I feel like I understand exactly what you must be going through, but if i can offer you any advice at all, please don't wait two years to go to the doctors, if u are noticing these habits now, don't waste years ignoring it. Just telling the doctor is so brave and the best way I can advise, is to just write it all down, and they will ask the questions.

I hope this helps.

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I have the same issue!! Actually I knew but was in denial about it for soo long. it never sunk in that I needed help. I have an appointment with a specialist this week.


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