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A year on

Last year I admitted that I had an eating disorder initially I was alone and scared with a father who had no idea what I was going through he didn't under his attitude is you eat end of which made things a lot harder my counsellor helped me loads I learnt what my triggers were and how to turn the negative into a positive. I went into recovery in April and I got a new job which was working in a restaurant which sometimes was a bit difficult as I saw people over eating and eating junk food but i soon learnt that it was ok for them they were happy and were on holiday so they didn't care so why should it bother me it weren't going into my body. I will admit I did have a slight slip but my team leader and complex manager said to me what was I doing and made me realise that it wasn't going to help me it will make me Ill again and I saw sense and stopped, I'm lucky my life has changed dramatically this year I got a job that can be stressful but I love it and I found someone who loves me for who I am and not what I look like if someone had told me last year that I would be recovered and happy I would of laughed in their face but now I can say I AM RECOVERED and I AM NOT GOING BACK!... I'm writing to prove you can do it and your day will come when you can say I AM RECOVERED. Good luck guys you can do it.

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just want to say that your example is both a challenge and an encouragement - many thanks for sharing it with us. It is good to hear that recovery is possible and leads to a happier life.


Thank you for sharing your life story re Eating Disorders with us all! Many congratulations on RECOVERY & finding, what sounds like the "love of your life & Soul-mate!" Wishing you all the happiness you truly deserve after what you have suffered from, such an insidious illness!

Bless you it does give me hope & inspiration, proof even that there is such a thing as FULL-RECOVERY?!

I have been under care of Specialised High-Risk Eating Disorder Team, since 2012, unfortunately, I am no further forward than when I first went to the Psychiatric Hospital for Treatment! This was after almost loosing my own life to Anorexia, on Life-Support in Intensive Care with Organ Failure, Respiratory Failure, Pneumonia, Sepsis & other complications!

I pray one day I can say those words you have so courageously said "I have RECOVERED!" as I know time is NOT on my side.

Many thanks for your inspiration.

Praying you will remain in Recovery & happy with your Partner?

In my thoughts & Prayers

God Bless you



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