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Another year on


well I'm another year on and many things in my life have changed.

I've eaten. ..not always huge amounts but eaten regularly thru the day for over a year now. Exercise is dramatically reduced. ..I'm changing. ..I've changed...

my understanding of anorexia now makes me an expert. I highly suspect I understand it more than any " specialist s" out there. I could explain but it would blow your brains out and I totally get now why anorexia might kill you. live an acting, pretending, faking it life. Once absorbed into it you are unlikely to get out, get to the bottom of it and reach true recovery.

Once you remember what happened you, what your position is you want to go back to your bubble but you can' pray for guidance....For a miracle. ..

n x

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Forgot to add...

If starving doesn't kill you. the half life a acting/ pretending to be ok will leave you wishing you were dead or you might realise what an unescapable ring you are in have no choice but to end it.

Be wary of relationships. are vulnerable and so seek help asap preferably before you settle down and definitely before any children you might be amazingly blessed to have because that makes escape impossible. This escape if you take it without realising the extent of the dangers might be the end for you.

Take my advice get help asap and break free from toxic relationships

n x


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