So, I've been bulimic for 9 months now and I'm scared to tell my parents because I'm worried that they'll just laugh it off or mock me or something. I was really obese at 72 kg but now I'm overweight at about 55-56 kg. I really want to lose weight healthily but every time I start a diet, I screw up and binge and then purge, you can imagine the cycle! Lately its been getting worse; sore throat, hoarse voice, low bp, anaemia, discolouring teeth, abdominal cramps...the whole lot. I want to get help and I try to stop but I purge more and more every time someone calls me fat in school even for just as a joke. I need to find help. Oh and I'm 14 by the way.

Thanks for taking your time to read.

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  • Please can you seek help with your GP, they are really good to help. If you get help quickly then you will fell so much better...Promise and if you need to talk talk to us on here...

  • I would tell my gp but then they would tell my parents, who would just start yelling at me for being a wimp, if there was a way I could tell my gp without them telling my parents.....I would tell them.

    Thanks for your advice by the way, but my parents are trained on me studying and getting high grades so I barely get time for myself.

    - Forbidden_Habits

  • sorry to say this, i know you are trying to please your parents, but your health is more important than exam. is there a counsollor where you are studying, and by the way, this binging can gone on for years if untreated, please trust me i have 3 x anorexia in 30 years, you need treatment and treatment takes a long time, please seek in someone who can help you. please...i am concered for your health...of course i have never binged and purged of just binged....if not just talk on here if that would help you, but your gp needs to help you, not your parents, if they cared enough they would help you...

  • Please can you seek help with your GP, they are really good to help. If you get help quickly then you will fell so much better...Promise and if you need to talk talk to us on here...

  • Do you have a best friend who you can tell or anyone close to you..also i was told to do some active you enjoy, like sleeping, or puzzles or computer work. find some active you enjoy and try to enjoy it, cimena is a good one for me, but very expensive... here for you

  • people are so cruel and they do not understand, i was told that bullies only bully because they have very low self asteem and they need to be nasty to other people which is wrong, you are not fat at all. try to tell a teacher if possible, rememeber you are so much better and stunning than they are.

  • yeah am with you all the way there, once the cycle starts its impossible to stop. You need to find someone to talk to, it can be a proffesional if you can make that leap, but talking it over to anyone will help. The fact you have taking the leap to stick this on a board shows you know you need help its reaching out and getting it. There is massive shame (or is for me ) it letting anyone I know know about what I do, a GP can but you in touch with someone and wont be allowed to tell your parants / school if thats what you want. Take the leap and talk to someone (anyone), it will make it easier on you .... .first steps ...... Good luck you aint as alone as you think you are :-)

  • I want to get a therapist but they are very expensive and my parents would get suspicious as to why I was going to a paid therapist, I can't seem to find a free therapy group in my area. Oh, if I tell my gp would they tell my parents?. I've already told 3 of my friends but they try to avoid the subject as much as possible >_< It doesn't help. :( . Are you a mia recovery ninja? (yeah :D I call 'em ninja's because they are so so brave to have come out of their eating disorder) If you are could you please tell me how I could get my teeth back to their original colour.

    Thanks for replying.

  • are you in the UK , if so you should get one free and easy enough, I dont think your GP is allowed to tell your parents if you ask them not to. Recovered no not yet , I am getting to the point I understand why I do it and why I have issues with food , I suspect like a alcoholic or smoker you will never be fully recovered but will have ways to deal with it . As for teeth I dont know , its not a problem I have had ... I always carried a bottle of mouth wash just in case I did slip up.

  • Hi there

    You must feel very lonely, isolated and constantly live in fear. I have been where you have and its an awful place. You probably can't see any way out of this and the more anxious and scared you get, the worse your ED will get. I fully recovered from Binge eating disorder and Anorexia and now I counsellor helping others to beat their ED

    I am also a social worker and I started practicing 25 years ago. Believe me i am not touting for business, i only want to help you. I also offer counselling via skpe.

    You mentioned that you want to see a therapist but can't afford it. I understand and I can offer you counselling via skype free of charge. I have my DBS/CRB check which I can email you a copy of.

    There isn't an easy solution to what you are going through. I do hope you can find help somewhere.

    If you do need to talk then I am here for you. I promise you that everything you tell me is confidential. Your parents or GP would not find out your are talking to a counsellor.

    Good luck and please contact me if you want to talk

    Take care


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