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So, I'm still waiting for my dieticians appointment. I have been waiting for well over a month now and we have yet to hear anything. In the mean time whilst we are waiting for the appointment I'm constantly loosing weight. I do honestly want to get better and feel less faint! So I am wondering if anyone can suggest any foods that can help with weight gain or foods that they ate whilst recovering from anorexia? Thankyou. Xxx

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  • Well hello! Sorry your appointment is taking soo long. I ate really healthy food, like vegetable soup with chicken and bacon. I ate garlic every single day. Healthy food is ANYTHING NOT PROCESSED. Steak. Eggs ham. I personally went for a high protein diet, I suffered really low iron. Pistachio nuts, almonds. The whole smoothie thing did my head in so I juiced leafy greens - beetroot, celery, mint, parsley etc) I drank a juice concotion every other day (it was gross) carrots and celery. Does that help??

  • Thank you that helps loads! , I am struggling quite abit, I hardly eat anything useually but I came on my period this morning and I am craving chocolate really bad, I feel awful like I'm a failure, I've already gave in and ate 8 chocolate biscuits!! I feel huge:(, I don't want to put loads of weight on:( x

  • The waiting period is the worst - I would suggest that you do need to eat a balanced diet - so protein, carbs, vege, sugars and fats - not missing any group out. Suggest you try to include some cereals, bread/rice/potatoes, fish, eggs, milk, meat, some low fat spreads on your bread - and cheese would also help for the calcium. Vege and fruit are fine - but won't add to the weight. Try to make sure you don't substitute drinks for meals - its easy to fill up on fluid! Hope this helps.

  • A healthy eating plan is pretty important. Three meals and two snacks. My daughter attended a clinic and that was the regime. It is tough to get into but that was her goal.


  • Thankyou everyone:) so far i have manage to eat just a little over 1000cals in food everyday for the past 3 days, I'm finding it hard. I am trying to drink less coffee and eat instead but I get scared of how much weight I'll put on, I don't want to be huge! :( xx

  • Ugh I'm finding this so hard! Way harder than I thought:( my CPN wants me to write my calorie intake down and I can't even get over 1000 the past few days! It was 500 the other day and 750 the past 2 days:( xxxx

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