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so im not actually under weight, im over weight! it started when i was a child and a ballet dancer and i was on a constant diet even though i wasnt over weight. since i got older i became obsessed with food like at a buffet, i had to have a bit of everything as i was never allowed before - then i would feel guilty and make myself sick! my favourite food to binge on was cheese and onion walkers, i would eat as many as i could and tasting them was great so i would have another and another and so on..........then the guilt would set in and i would make myself sick- the sense of release is amazing. that feeling of emptying it all out feels so good, so therefore the addiction started.

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Suggest you need to get some help - you clearly recognise you have a problem and that it has become an addiction - approach your GP and be as open as you can be - you need to get specialist help and counselling asap before the problem takes over completely.


I agree that it would be a good idea to seek help. You don't have to be underweight to have an eating disorder but the diagnosis needs to be done by someone qualified to do so.

In the meantime could you set up for yourself a meal plan that is healthy? Eating healthy food regularly throughout the day may help you avoid binging.


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