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i dont know what to do help?

i am writing this because i am worried i might have an eating disprder but im too scared to talk to anyone as i always see myself as fat because of jokes people make i know its not true but i cant help but think it is but also i rarely eat i dont eat breakfast or lunch and sometimes i dont even eat my dinner .but im scared to talk to my family and friends as they have there own problems to deal with so i dont know what to do because im constantly upset about it all ?

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Dear kelsey1997,

Hon, you've come to the right place...honestly as cliche as it sounds, asking for help is the right thing to do...even if it's on an online community like this. It's the strong side of you saying, "I'm tired of suffering, I deserve better." We're not doctors, so we can't diagnose you, but we can all relate...and I'm so, so sorry that you see yourself like this and that you are being made fun of...know that as hard as it is to not let their words affect you, THEY ARE WRONG and you are worth so much more. You need to tell someone what's happening because it may start to get worse...trust me it may seem like skipping a few meals here and there is harmless...that's you'll feel beautiful once you drop a few pounds...that not eating is the right thing to do...but it could get out of control...then YOU'RE no longer in control, Ana is. And as tough as it is, you need to tell people how you feel, because you deserve better...you're right, we all have our own problems...which is exactly why we need to help each other out.

Best of luck, dear...remember everyone has a right to food and nourishment and happiness...no one deserves to feel like they should restrict themselves. Keep us posted and good luck!

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thank you so much its just nice to hear something positive for a change cause lately i feel like if i tell anyone they are gonna think im just attention seeking and making it up or not just in general not believe me but thank you its just nice to hear from people who are or have expirienced things like this before because i feel like i can relate to you more than anyone i tell could relate to me as there not going through it but thank you for all the kind words it really has made me feel better now and i feel more confident to speak to someone to ask for help now

Thank you so much


I'm so glad my reply helped you...feel free to message me if you need any support. :) When I was first developing anorexia, I was in a situation kinda like yours...I realized something was wrong, but was afraid to reach out because people would think I'm attention seeking...and guess what - it got worse and almost consumed me...I got thinner and thinner, became obsessed with exercise and calories, and almost got hospitalized. I'm in a much better place now, but the way I got here was with the help of my family and doctors....trust me, your loved ones will help you, and you need the help. It's so tough to beat things like this on your own. I'm so glad you feel confident enough to speak to someone...just take a deep breath, relax, and know you'll make it. :)


Don't worry my dear. It's not your fault that you feel something like that. And you're not alone believe me! I'm sure your parents and friends loves you and really want to help you, so maybe soon you'll take a big step and talk with them? I wish you all the best and If you need kind words or support...we are here for you :-)


Hi there

You are entirely right to ask for help. The sooner an eating disorder is recognised and treatment begins, the higher the chance of beating it.

I am fully recovered from both binge eating disorder and anorexia. I am a counsellor and I help others to beat their ED. I have been working professionally in the field for 25 years. It makes such a difference to talk to someone who has been there themselves.

Recently I moved to Northumberland from Derbyshire. I offer counselling via Skpe and at the Therapy centre in Hexham.

If you would like to talk to someone who can truly empathise and understand what you are going through then please contact me. My rates are competitive and I offer discounts to those on low incomes.

I hope you find help somewhere.

Take care



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