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I think I have an eating disorder, I need help!

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When I started secondary school I was average weight but I've been getting skinnier and skinnier over the years. I'm 14 and I don't eat breakfast, lunch and I barely eat all of my dinner. I get sick when I see food sometimes. I'm also have a bad personal life(rumours around school) and this is causing me to lose more weight. I don't know what to do because with everything going on I think I'm starting to get an eating disorder. Sometimes it makes me so ill i want to run away. I need help!

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Speak to your mother or somebody you feel you can trust and go and see your doctor...it sounds like you need some help....the first step is always the hardest, so be strong :)

Get help now - I know from experience the longer you leave it the more intrenched the ED becomes and the harder it is to reach out to others. Please do talk to your family, if possible, or find a DR or school teacher/counsellor - if you are eating as little as you indicate above you are really going to make yourself extremely unwell and this is going to happen quickly. I can't emphasise strongly enough how important it is you get help NOW - don't wait.

Hello milly :) Straight up could not agree more with the replies you have received so far. Please listen to them... As you probably have worked out Ed's are about controlling basically what you can't. If you can talk to your mum, and then both of you need to start at your local GP for the journey of getting help. It is important she knows from you about this - let her react however she needs to. Good on you for posting here. We will try to help you :) Darl get help and do it now - Julie xo

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Thank you. I told my mum and I'm getting better, slowly but it's helping! I didn't really know what to do but you have helped me to get through this☺️thank you so very much xo

Ok, from someone who has an ED:

How do you feel about your body?

How do you feel about the NUTRIENTS of your food ?(They are not just kcals, they nourish your body)

What are your feelings before a meal or after skipping a meal?

When I was sicker I used to think the ED gave me "control" or that it was going to guide me to "perfecting"...Bullshit, the ED ate my body and my soul and made an insecure and an obsessive person. It also started at my teen years, and yet today at my 20's I deal with it, I want to think I'm recovering, but it's been so freaking hard...

So, try relaxing about food, trying instead looking for the reason you've lost your appetite, and yes, look for help.

I agree with the others. It is important that you seek help asap. You need to see your GP. I expect your parents are watching what is happening to you with a sense of horror. Do you feel able to talk with either your mum or dad or someone else in your family?

There will be others concerned for your well-being and I think most schools have a teacher(s) who would be willing to support you? This is important too as it sounds as if there are aspects of school which are making your life unhappy.

Please keep in touch.

You should talk with an adult, maybe one of your parent or teacher?

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