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Hi I've been battling with an eating disorder for nearly 10 years it started of with anorexia and then i went onto bulimia which I'm now struggling to recover from I'm still being sick everyday but only once not 4 times like before I've tried hypnotherapy and a counselor but i defiantly feel that getting the right counselor is very important as the ones I've tried keep trying to pin y ED on something completely irrelevant i am now trying a new counselor that will hopefully help, i was just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to contol urges and talking to family about the problems as i still find im lying about it and still trying to hide it.

hope you all well keep fighting


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it is is definitely about finding thr right person. I'm not saying it's easy. They will push you abd challenge you and question you it will help you grow and develop a state of self belief in your own thoughts but that is something that will only happen um a relationship built on a deep trust even if sometimes you doubt such trust. Follow your gut feeling on that.

I strongly believe ed's exist in families where control if you is present on some level and there is no one to turn to anorexia is a means of control when you feel there isnt any otherwise. Lies abd secrets are there tge ed protects you from this and you stay stuck.

An eating disorder isn't just about food abd weight and eating but to get back in touch with underlying stuff yiu need yo eat regularly and stop ed related behaviours that takes a looooong time. So when yiu are pinning it on other stuff it is right yiu just won't see ut while you are entrench in the ed. Letting go is hard but start and trust and yiur head will sometimes trick you abd say don't trust but follow gutt feelings it us more likely yiu are looking for ways to stop progressing listen.

pray and hope for a happy abd fulfilling future :o)

n x


Hi Rachel88 :) Congratulations on getting down to once a day! Family and friends is a tricky one because unfortunately (hate to be the one that tells you) they already know. Most times when people don't help they are scared and don't want to make things worse. Unbelievably rude but true. Talking to anyone about an ed you really have to tell them what you need eg: I am struggling successfully with an ed, I need this size portion of food only etc... Counsellors are just people - some will be your cup of tea and some won't. I truly hope this new person and you have a great working relationship. Like njam said trust your feelings - period. Tips on refocusing? Rachel88 they won't help, until you admit to yourself WHY you are doing this to yourself. The older I have got the more I have realised "there is generally some pay off" to our behavior. Habits need new habits to replace them. Generally an ed is about some form of control, so ask yourself honestly what are you controlling? Thank You for your lovely encouraging words to everyone Rachel88 you are soo close don't give up. You CAN do this. xoxo


Well done on getting so far along the recovery journey - it takes a great deal of effort and courage. On the practical side - I found having a clear meal plan really helpful - it was constructed in conjunction with a dietician - and once I'd written it down - although restrictive in terms of variety when I started - it was slowly expanded - but having in writing seemed to help me feel in control and my binges/being sick were less. I also structured my day - I had a sense of what triggered me to binge/be sick - and made sure that I had an occupation - whether creative or being with other people - even just phoning someone for a chat - helped me stop the binge/being sick. Good luck - hope your new counsellor helps you continue your recovery.


Hey, i know exactly how you feel. I started off with anorexia first too but then it became bulimia. It's extremely difficult to control the urges, I struggle with them myself so I'm sorry I don't have any proper tips but all that I can say is just think to yourself that if you want to be happy, you have to accept yourself for the way you are. It doesn't matter what other people say about you. To be happy, you have to stop throwing up. Every time you feel the urge just distract yourself by listening to music or watching YouTube videos which is what I usually do! As for family, that's probably just as tough as the bulimia, but my mum used to have an ED too so she's very understanding but if i've been throwing up and just can't bring myself to tell her in person, I text her. I find that a lot easier.

Anyway, not great advice but still, I hope this helps a little bit or at least helps you feel a bit better knowing that your not alone in this :) Stay strong!


Thank you for your reply it has helped a lot knowing that I'm not alone and I have started texting my family if I'm having a 'bad day' I just struggle with my mood swings and putting so much pressure on my relationship, I'm going to start to try and distract my self with little things or maybe try pho being people I just find it difficult to get out of that mind set and once ball is rolling to stop it, I hope things with you keep getting stronger and stronger I want to like me,


Your welcome, yeah I totally understand how you feel, I hope everything works out for you too and thank you! Talking about this has definitely made me feel a lot more confident.


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