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So I have been aneroxic for about a year now. I was always called fat and ugly. But people were just kidding but eventually I started to believe it. No one has ever found out about my eating disorder I and 5"4 and weigh 107 lb. I am scared of eating food. I don't even have an appetite much anymore. I always get awkward around food and when I'm at friends houses. I usually just say I ate before I got there or I'm just no feeling good. When I first started my mom eating disorder I always listened to music to not think about my hunger.

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do you think you want to think about getting some help?

Anorexia is a secret thing generally. It's your little secret. ..I hid bit so well at times I didn't see I needed help.

Maybe you could see your gp to discuss it?

Good luck



Hi e_milymoor_re. You have obviously been struggling with your relationship with food and your body for some time now, and it must have taken a lot of courage to share this here. Well done for taking that step!

You sound concerned enough about your situation to begin to think about seeking help, which I think is definitely the right thing to do. For information, your loss of appetite is a common side effect of weight loss and poor food intake, but doesn't mean that you don't need to eat.

Is there someone who you could talk to about your situation? Perhaps a parent, teacher, GP? And why not have a look at the B-eat website - it is a really good place to get information and support, although I would recommend you talk to someone who knows you, as well as a support line.

Good luck!


you need help - don't let the ED rob you of life as I did - I didn't get the help I needed at the start of my struggles - and anorexia grows and spreads before you realise it and it steadily takes over your life. talk to your GP if you can - or ring the ABC or BEAT helplines - they are an anonymous way of getting some support and guidance - please, please seek help.


Hi, like the others who have responded, I would urge you to seek some help. There are a number of good books including the booklets produced by ABC.

It is important to take action now. Anorexia really spoils life and as you have indicated affects relationships with friends. Anorexia also affects, often in hidden ways, affects our health. I wish I had had your foresight and done something about it years ago.

all the best and please feel free to post again


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