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I have suffered with bulimia for 16 years. I got diagnosed with bulimia 10 years ago but not had no help or see anyone. Im worried now as i know my bulimia is now affecting me on a day to day basis. Im getting shortness of breath from doing the simplest of things. Keep coming over all funny and shaky. Nose bleeds. On and off chest pains. Always feeling tired. Also suffer with ibs so get worried of eating meals so tend to eat chocolate cereal crisp then make myself sick. I think all this is linked together. Pls advise me what is going on or do pls.

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Get some help now - go to your GP - you need the physical symptoms looked at immediately - but also the deeper issues that involved in your bulimia - push to see an ED professional - get advice, support and counselling - don't put it off - or think you should be able to cope alone - get help now.

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I agree with crazycrosstitcher - you must see/speak to someone. The IBS is definitely related to the bulimia and the stress and anxiety are also most likely linked to bulimia. I am not a Dr and so you must arrange to see your GP to rule out anything else. If you don't like your Dr, or feel you can't talk to him/her there are plenty of online groups who can advise you of a local person who you can talk to. You can't get better on your own, you need help and the help of someone who is a professional in ED. The fact that you are on this website telling people that you are worried is already the first step to getting better. x


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