I have anorexia for over 6 years and I just cannot start eating...too scared...plz help

my stomach feels so uncomfortable even with the slightest amount of food that I have slowly been reducing and now I have reached a very dangerous point I am 5'7'' and my weight is 85 lbs. I am afraid of food and sometimes disgusted by it.whenever I eat even the smallest amount of anything I feel so bad that I never want to eat again...but I don't know how to get over this...nothing helps..noone understands...:(

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  • Hi, it's good that you recognize you have issues surrounding food and eating - it's probably the most important step towards recovery. Have you looked at the BEAT website? It has a number of resources for people suffering from eating disorders. And see your GP - they are the first port of call and doorway to other services eg therapists, plus if you lose a lot of weight your physical health needs monitoring. Good luck!

  • Hi delena2d, thank you for posting. I am in similar situation and I think I can identify with your fear. You (and i) both know that not eating properly is unhealthy but despite that the fear of eating persists.

    My own thinking is that the lack of food can damage the stomach as well as other organs. If your stomach hurts after eating then perhaps it is a good idea to go and talk with your GP about it. Please before any more damage happens...

    Also more small meals/snacks can be the way forward. It certainly helps me. A little often - plan it and try to stick to your plan. One step at a time.

    It is important to talk to your GP about any psychological issues you have. I found a course of talking therapy very helpful. It is hard work and painful at the time but the long term effects have been good. I know some people find specialist eating disorders people good although I didn't. I think a lot depends on the trust you feel you have with the counsellor/therapist.

    I think I'm saying, get both he physical effects and mind effects checked out with your GP please.

    all the best


  • thank you so much for replying to me. the problem is that I am from Greece and in my country there are no specialists concerning anorexia or ED in general and there are one or two support health centers again though with not much of experience.I cannot go into a psychiatric clinic and be forced to eat with a feeding tube -only the idea disgusts me.I am at a loss...we do not have GPs here like in the US or the UK where you can consult about this particular issue they will not understand the complexity of it because it is both a physical but mostly a mental and mind disorder...

  • Hi,

    There are some helpful books, including workbooks, which I know others and I have fi=ound helpful. I also find the "something fishy" website and forum useful and supportive.

    Is there a family member or friend who is "motherly", full of common sense and the sort of person that you want to do what they say? I have an aunt like that and going to stay would give a sort of "in patient" care but without the force feeding etc.

    all the best


  • Agree with comments below - you do need to see your GP and access help - specialist in ED - not just mental health - anorexia can be very powerful - and I know I can eat something that is on my "not healthy" list - and immediately feel full and terrified - in reality this is the ED rather than reality - only counseling has helped me see this and work at coping and coming through it to get my weight, and thinking, back on an even keel again - hard and difficult work but it is the only way to get out of what so easily develops into a downward spiral.

  • Hi Susiecoo

    I am sorry u r struggling like this. I just wanted to say that many of my friends live in Europe and they got treatment in the uk. I have been in many hospital admissions and there was always someone there from aboard. Maybe you could ask about getting funding for an admission if this is something u feel would be helpful. I am not sure if this would be something your GP could fund or would even be a possibility so don't want to get ur hopes up but rather something for u to look into. The other alternative would be an online forum such as already mentioned like b-eat etc. I don't know if this is helpful at all but as already said it is important that u are able to access the treatment that you feel u need and I think you are doing well just making this move and discussing it with others. That's a brave step to take. Goodluck. Farli :-).

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