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I need help and advice?


I'm 15, female. A month and a half a go I broke up with my boyfriend of 17 months. Afterwards I stopped eating ALOT. I ate odd snacks when I had to and never finished a meal. Since me and my family noticed a big weight loss in me I've been trying to eat more but it hurts because my stomachs become unuse to bigger portions of food. Also I don't have any appitite I just eat when I have to but rarely finish. Before this I was already considered underweight for my height and I've became abit worried about myself. I don't want to eat and it just seems unimportant now but i want to eat for my family, help?

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hi, you sound like you are half way there and have a lot of personal insight .. that is great. Can you confide in a close friend, and perhaps talk with a GP that you trust? You do need to act now before you lose the ability to see what is happening and how dangerous it is .. you are very intelligent, it is a disease that targets intelligent people, don't give up, look to your resources, you are already succeeding. good luck

Good that you've recognised you have a problem. You really do need to get some help quickly - suggest you talk to your GP or a school/college counsellor - as your weight drops your thinking becomes less clear - and the lack of appetite/desire to eat can be due to this change - things can rapidly spiral out of control so you do need to seek help as soon as possible.

Hi Leah

I'm sorry to hear you're having a hard time at the moment, I understand how hard

it can be once you've stopped feeling hungry to get that back. What I would suggest

is that you talk to someone about how you feel, about what happened with your

boyfriend, about what's going on in general. The idea of getting better for your family

is great but it won't keep you motivated, you need to do it for you. You need to find

out why you don't feel like you deserve food, that what it comes down to in the end.

you deserve to eat and be happy and healthy and something has happened to make

you feel you don't deserve it. please seek help before it takes hold, believe me it's not

worth letting it get any further because you think it's not a big deal.

I hope you get the support you need

good luck and stay positive

Thankyou for the advice lovelys


Hi Leah,

As other people have said, you sound as if you have a really good level of insight about your situation, which is so important. And that you are worried about yourself - another big plus. But, from the little that you have said it sounds like you have grounds to be concerned.

If you were underweight before and have lost further weight that is a concern. I would strongly encourage you to see your GP and talk through your concerns with him/her. They should assess your physical health and ask about things like whether your periods have changed since your weight loss.

But you need to keep eating small(ish), frequent meals and snacks, eating something every 3 hours during your waking day. When someone has lost weight to a level that is underweight for them, their appetite often slips, and they feel full on very small amounts of food. That doesn't mean they should eat less - it is actually a sign that their body needs more food/fuel to work effectively. And the feelings of a painful stomach and low levels of appetite won't improve unless you keep eating and gain weight. So keep on going with the eating - it is the only way of recover!

Good luck Leah!

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