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Does my girlfriend have bulimia?

My girlfriend of 21 has recently told me she used to make herself sick sometimes after after meals. She assured me that she had stopped it now, however yesterday I could hear her in the bathroom throwing up after tea, she had turned the shower on to try and stop me from hearing. After asking her she admitted she had been doing it again maybe twice a week. She wont ever binge eat, she will just throw up her tea now and again in an attempt to get rid of calories as she says she doesn't like being full. She has a very good diet and hardly ever eats junk food. Would this be classed as Bulimia even though there is no binge eating? She has a healthy weight and is in good shape. She is reluctant to go to her GP, are there any self help tips anyone can recommend.



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Suggest you go to the anorexia and bulimia care website - there are a number of information leaflets there you may find helpful. Your girlfriend does need help. If she is being deliberately sick after eating this can rapidly spiral out of control - whether you want to call it bulimia or not is not the issue - the health aspects and the mental reasoning behind her being sick need to be dealt with quickly and by professionals - so do try to get her to seek help now - I know that waiting and thinking you can "heal yourself" does not work in reality. Good luck.

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Hi John,

I can imagine your concern for your girlfriend but have to say I agree with Crazycross...! You don"t have to "Binge-Eat" to become Bulimic!

It is the throwing up of her last meal & trying to hide the fact by putting the shower on so that you don"t hear her! @ least she has opened up to you & told you she previously used to do this but sounds as if she has"nt stopped!

Bulimia is a serious illness & needs Professional help! A trip to her GP for a Referral to an Eating Disorder Clinic would be my advise! However if she is reluctant to go she may be well on the Road to be suffering with such an insidious illness!

I have Anorexia, which almost claimed my life in 2012!

The sooner she does admit still has behaviour & seeks help the better, as many of these Clinics have "Waiting-Lists!", so it would be a positive start if you sat down & asked her to be completely open & honest with you, so you can help get appropriate Treatment!

Good Luck to the both of you.

Sending positive healing energies



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