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Do I have an eating disorder?

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In the past few months I have noticed that my appetite is a lot smaller than it used to be. I had been working really hard on placement and found I was losing weight because I didn't have the time to stop and eat a lot, then I got kicked out of uni, which meant I had no routine, which I feel has contributed to my appetite diminishing as I feel like I have time to eat whenever I want, so I wait until later if I have stuff to do. After that, my mum went into hospital for a hysterectomy, which meant I took over all of her responsibilities, and just like my mum I had very little time to stop and eat, which meant eating a lot less. Now, it is 6 months later, and my appetite is terrible. I wake up in the morning feeling sick, so I don't eat or drink anything, then I usually head to my gran's to take care of her, and I only have a small amount of time there before I have to take my mum to work, but I know I can eat when I get back from dropping her off. Occasionally my brother and I do stuff after we've dropped her off, so I don't eat a lunch until much later if at all. I figured that I can get by in a day with one meal at least, but I don't want to not eat. I don't think I'm fat, so I know it's not anorexia, and if I'm sick it's not self induced. I know that being kicked out of uni seems like I could have been affected emotionally, which would have done this, but if that's true it must be subconscious, because I was happy to leave (the course was a nightmare and the people who ran it / took it were worse), and also most of my family are obese. The only people who are not obese in my family are myself, my mum, brother and maternal gran. Once again, if that is what's causing it, it must be subconsciously, as I've never noticed it affecting me. I've lost 2 stone in 6 months without even trying, and my BMI was within the healthy range before that, and it still is. Could anyone shed any light on the situation, and maybe how to get out of it?

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Good morning Ladyzoolander ~ what a massive day, you described. I can only imagine how "lost" you might feel. Just for the record anorexia means no appetite...Sorry that that particular Uni did not work out for you. Possibly, it was a blessing in disguise anyway by the sounds of it. Please don't give up on the field of endeavor you originally wanted to get into. Sit down and have a think about how to acheive YOUR goal now. (online, different education facility etc...)

Go straight to the gp and tell him about your weight plummeting in such a short period of time, that needs medical investigation.

GP's deal with physical medical issues only, if after all "tests" that they conduct and they can't find anything , ask for a referral to a counsellor. Everybody needs to talk to someone, everybody needs a friend. Talking to a mental health person does not mean that you are mental, just rather, time to talk.

Good Luck Ladyzoolander ~ come back here any old time you need ♡

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Hi. I am not a doctor, but to me this does not seem like anorexia. I am anorexic , and starving one's self is a conscious effort. As an anorexic, I feel the hunger, but just can not make myself eat a meal. It sounds as if you are depressed. Depression can effect your appetite. With that said, you still need a medical work up in my opinion. I wish the the best of luck and seek help.

Hi LadyZoolander,

I think you are right to be concerned about your weight loss. I agree that you ought to see your GP to make sure that there is no physical cause to your weight loss.

I know what it is like to feel sick in the mornings. I have to try and make myself eat regularly and in a routine. If you do this you will find that you will have more energy and your appetite will return.

Having an eating disorder is more than not having the time to eat. It is good to know that you seem to have a healthy attitude to food and your body. There is no other solution to making the time to eat. It is possible to eat healthy meals and snacks without it taking up too much time.

I wish you all the best and do post again if that would help you.


My anorexia started in the same way you described, as in not losing weight on purpose or thinking I'm too fat. But as I lost more weight it began to spiral out of control and the anorexia took over. I am not saying you are anorexic but it is highly likely that your disordered patterns of eating will spur on some anorexic cognitions and before you know it you will be very poorly. I would advise you to visit a doctor and explain you rapid weight loss. Alternatively, go and visit a dietician to get a healthy meal plan devised based on your height, weight and lifestyle. This will ensure you neither lose or gain any weight provided to stick to it! It is important you don't lose anymore weight or you will be dragged down by an eating disorder ...and I assure you that is not a good way to go. Good luck! Xxx

Hey, I know exactly what it's like too have issues with appetite. I find it's easier to recover if you find a particular food you can eat without getting fed up of it, preferably one with high calorie intake that you can snack on between meals even if you don't feel hungry. Don't force yourself to eat, so having a large portion and feeling like you have to eat all of it. Foods you can eat small manageable portions of are best, not heaps on one plate cause it can stimulate a feeling of hopelessness. If and when you get food poisoning or any virus that stimulates throwing up, the next few days are a total appetite killer ( happened to me a week ago I lost 3lbs in two days). Just don't let that get to you, eat what you can starting with toast and things like that. Try not to be too obsessive with weighing yourself. Do a rough calculation of how many calories you eat a day, then if it's under your RDA try to gradually increase what you're eating. say you eat 1500 Kcal a day, don't jump straight to eating/try to eat 2000. rather have a steady increase to maybe 1600 a day then once you maintain a weight for maybe a couple of weeks ( allowing 1lb either side of variation) try to start eating a bit more. This helps recover your appetite at a more natural speed.

Don't skip meals. Have a light breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lunch is they key. If you don't eat more than a sandwich then gradually try too, have a piece of fruit. Then once that becomes a regular thing have some crisps too. Skipping meals cause your busy or it's late is tempting but try not to do it.

If you are worried about the possibility of having a more serious underlying condition go to your GP. There are nurses that are good with this type of thing who you can talk to if there aren't any underlying physical conditions.

Good luck!

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