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Relapse after therapy sessions

I've just started CBT on the NHS after a long and torturous wait. I have been doing reasonably well, binging a few times but barely purging at all since going onto antidepressants and have seen a huge improvement. That said, last week after my first session i had a huge binge (no purge) and yesterday after my second session i had my first binge/purge in a long time. I'm wondering if anyone else has this? I can't figure out why it is, maybe it's because no i'm getting help i can class it as someone else's problem, or maybe part of me feels that i might not get help unless i'm throwing up (when i do still need it as every day is a huge struggle). Any thoughts or experiences welcome?

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Hello SarahLondon :) Great to hear you have started your new treatment - good on you! Please tell your CBT therapist about your "after" reaction to the sessions. On the outside looking in it is quite clear that the sessions have touched on or are about to touch on something hideously personal and you are "coping" the only way you know how - binging. Even going so far as purging.

SarahLondon, do you know how fantastic you are? Well you are :) (just a reminder! )


Thanks Joolzz!i was wondering whether to tell her, just worried she might think I'm doing it so that I will continue getting help as she's been saying that I've made a huge amount of progress!


Hi SarahLondon,

Yes I can relate to what you have found. It is almost as if things have to get worse than tbefore they get better. It could be that the sessions have hit raw nerves. Please tell your therapist.

I got worse when I was with a specialist eating disorder team. I felt that I had to conform to their expectations of someone suffering from (in my case) anorexia. In contrast I did much better on a more general CBT health person.

I found it helps to try to step back a bit after the sessions and do something distracting which didn't have anything to do with food. Or it may help to record your thoughts and feelings after the session e.g. what have I learnt from the session, what feelings has it generated, what can I take out of the session that will help me?

thank you for posting - it would be good to hear how you get on in future sessions.



Hey!! That is a totally valid concern, that you will need to address with her!! Please muster up all your courage and tell her the adverse effect it is having on you...please


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