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Not sure if I need help?

Hi, I am not good at coping with stress, and while before this has just meant that I'm close to tears/overwhelmed/anti-social during revision, this time it seems to be worse. I have IBS that is worse when I'm stressed anyway, plus a lower appetite but I haven't even been eating necessarily when I'm hungry... There seems to be this part of me that isn't allowing me to eat. So I've started skipping at least one meal a day where I can and I've also started calorie counting. I always used to be the girl who ate the most cake and now I feel that I ate too much yesterday at about 1200 calories.

I've no idea if I've lost weight or not as I don't have scales with me at uni and I don't really have that bad body issues... I know that I'm naturally slim. But I'm scared that if I go to the Doctors they'll just tell me that there's not much wrong with me... I don't think I'm underweight (my BMI has been around 18-19 for the last year or so) and this has only affected me for about 4 weeks... And I don't know if maybe the problem will sort itself out after exams anyway.

I've spent my whole life avoiding dieting because I know I have the low self-esteem/perfectionist brain that is at risk from an ED, but it seems to have suddenly taken over.

Thank you for reading!

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Hallo my dear you may be right to be worried well done for posintg on here!. You know you need to have plenty of food in you to feed your brain during exams. I suppose you know which foods are liokely to trigger your IBS and can avoid them. My daughter has a bmi of 19 now but is still in the grip of anorexia and it seemed to be sudden drop in food intake last year that triggered it. You are right to be careful. Have you thought of going to see a Uni counsellor they will help you to look after yourself during your exams then you can do the medical bit after you r exams are over. Try settgin up a set of alarms on your phone withe little messages that remid yourself to eat regularly? Hope this helps and the best of luck with your exams I'm sure you will do well


It is good that you recognise that you are stressed and aware of what physical effects that has on your body. I go along with the adviceTheresa4 has written. There should be a uni counsellor and hopefully they can help.

I also agree that it is vital that you eat during this time. Brains are calorie hungry and need feeding. Could you stock up on some easy healthy snacks/meals?

I remember the stress of exams well and I wish you all the best.


Hi there,

Well done for opening up to us, exam time can be a demon for unleashing all sorts of worries that are often totally unrelated to our studies.

I remember slipping into some similar habits when I had exams last year. The main thing you want to avoid is getting too caught up with your eating habits instead of doing your exam revision (this is what happened to me). I agree with Theresa's suggestion to set some reminders just so that you know you have eaten (tick that box) and can focus your brain somewhere else. It might also help to talk to a counsellor once a week to offload some of your stress. Usually they offer drop-in sessions and you can call on the day to have a chat with someone.

It sounds like you are conscientious and are extremely capable of keeping everything under control, however, the important thing to remember is that you are allowed to ask for help and support from those around you. Lots and lots of good luck with the exams and keep in touch on here if the stress kicks in.


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