Dealing with bulimia?

Hey guys, I'm 20 years old and I would say for the last 5 years I have gone through phases of bulimia. I'll be fine for a few months then when I'm really keen to lose weight and don't feel like it's working I find myself binging and purging for a week or so. I throw up until I'm literally in pain. I'm 10st 4 and would like to lose weight in a healthy way with permanent results. However, I am wondering whether I should talk to someone I.e a doctor about bulimia.

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  • Talk to your GP. If they have an understanding they can be brilliant, worth finding out!

    Also get some support from calling ABC and hopefully you will not need to go back to these feelings - well done for seeking help as this is the biggest step.

  • Don't wait - get yourself to your GP - you really need help with this. I know from experience that its easy to always say things will be better tomorrow - I won't binge again - but once its got a grip its hard to get it off without professional help. You may need to really push to get the support you need - but don't give up - getting help and support from my experience is the way forward - and its truly worth it as living a life of freedom can be achieved. ABC also offer help and support - so it might be good to contact them. Good luck.

  • I would recommend seeking help from either a GP or at least confiding in someone you can trust with this information. Bulimia can end up being a very lonely and secretive experience and when you are in the bulimic mindset of binging and purging it can be very difficult to open up and let people help you. Don't let yourself live in denial, find someone to talk to and hopefully you can manage your feelings healthily. Congratulations for putting yourself in touch with people on this site though, you are on your way to a satisfying recovery!

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