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Early Intervention Team

Has anyone had any dealings with the Early Intervention Team ? We have been to an Eating Disorder Carers Support Group recently and been told to get a referral to this Team. We have mentioned this to CAMHS but have been told that this is not appropriate. Just wondering if anyone could give us any information as to what the criteria/proceedure is to access this team.

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Hi there we had a referral to a specialist ED team and our dahghter was at an early stage of AN having a bmi of 18 ish. The team are using the Maudsley method with us which I suppose is suitable for earlier intervention since is home based. You're right to try and get specialist help that's in all the advjce I've read. We are making progress but its a slog and it challenge s your parenting habits. ..good luck and stay strong..


Thanks, is just seems that there doesn't appear to direct route to getting help. We shouldn't have to push and pester professionals to get help for our daughter. When i asked the GP for advice on help for us in helping and understanding ED, he just replied "look on-line" ! We have got an appointment this week to see a psychiatrist - so hoping we get some advice and plan as to how we can move forward. What exactly do you mean by 'Maudsley' methods please?


Try this link there are various books too check Amazon..but all advice Ive seen is to get specialist help keep pestering them and good luck!!


ok thanks :-)


Early intervention is very important. But it also depends on the quality of that intervention. Counselling is very important. I do not feel that CBT(cognitive behavioral therapy) is effective in the treatment of eating disorders. I have been working professionally as a social worker and counsellor since 1990. I am also a survivor of binge eating disorder and anorexia. I completely recovered from both. My anorexia was not diagnosed by the NHS until it had gained complete control of me.

I now have my own counselling clinic in Derbyshire. There are very few specialist eating disorder counsellors in the UK. And it is rare to find a healthcare professional who has had an eating disorder.

I offer online counselling via the accredited live person website. if you do need to consult with me and engage in counselling sessions, please visit this link.


Thank you Mark - its all been a bit of a minefield. Recently seen an Eating Disorder Specialist and just started with the family based Maudsley approach. My daughter is finding the appointments soo stressful and causing panic attacks both prior to attending and afterwards for the rest of the day. She wants to eat but the 'guilt' is overwhelming. Thanks for the link :-)


yes I remember the guilt. And you are right, it is overwhelming.There are reasons we develop eating disorders. Conventional approaches to treatment tend to overlook this important element. Talking treatments can uncover these reasons. They are not always obvious and the trigger for the ED can be totally innocuous. I have been working with a young client and her family. During the course of our talks something I asked triggered a memory in the mother. And that recollection found the trigger.

EDs are very hard to treat and very resistant to any interventions.This is the nature of the disorder. And an ED draws everyone around the sufferer into into sphere of control. So it becomes everyones problem, as an ED is so intense and all consuming.

This is my website. If I can be of any help please contact me. I know from experience how lonely and isolating living with an ED can be and sometimes it feels like you are up against the whole world.

Good luck.



Thank you Mark - will be in touch


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