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Hi ,

Im anorexia binge and purge , for almost 4 yrs and last 2 week i b/p and end up i purge out alot blood . And throat feel choke and in pain... When i go hospital doc say it acid reflux and ask me follow up appt. i start to scare. And im trying not to b/p . But i eat alot , and i went exercise i feel so tired that i wish to go back to b/p life without gaining weight , exerciseZ any advice and way for me to eat normal without gaining . Coz i alr been gaining frm 30kg to 43kg plus . Now i eat normal more den i purge im afraid i getting bigger and i so tired i need jog 32 mins , 5 mins walk , lift alot weight and abs exercise . What can i do to be normal and maintain weight by not keep exercise im tired

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well it is hard...virtually impossible to do but you just have to stop. Follow a food and exercise plan. Eat spread over the day ( that's what I found hard as I would starve all day then b/p every other day or every day sometimes)

it take strength and determination and bloody mindedness to have an eating disorder even though you don't realise it all the time. You have to use those things to work towards recovery.

As for the weight gain. my experience it was inevitable. ..I'd lose weight then inexplicably gain it. It's a sign of life...trying to lure you back to living. Why not give life a chance?

Good luck. ..hope that helps some how.



I frm 29 kg gain to43plus 44 kg . I bern rating 1 huge meal protein western den i exercise . I found i gain muscle but i cannt cope not to think of purging ..); my fd doesnt really digest . I miss empty feeling


Get back to your doctor - tell him what is actually happening to cause the bleeding - you need to access professional support and help from an eating disorders specialist - and please don't leave it too long - you may have to battle to get help - but it will be worth it.


I did when a&e tht day . But i now got to wait 31 march to see again im so so tired of coping . Im so scare but im so stress and pain . Family don understand . Keep scold me crazy


Please go to your GP and get help. The only way is to eat regular 6 or so small meals/healthy snacks a day spread and have a moderate exercise program. Your body is screaming at you to eat properly and not exercise excessively. You may well be malnourished which is why you are tired.

I had bleeding too and suffered pain in the way you describe. Eating the small meals/snacks helped me and I haven't piled on the pounds. I feel much more full of energy now.

I feel for you


Piled on the pounds mean? I been so stressful. I got energy but im so tired of everyday eat and exercise. I feel tightness on my waist and my throat i keep feel got something im so so scare . How can i do to overcome ... Feel so sad . I so lost


Sorry. The phrase "piled on the pounds" means gaining weight in an uncontrolled way. I have found that eating to a good meal plan is the only way to get better and I have found my weight isn't going up.

Your body is really protesting. Your body needs fuel and so when you eat, you binge because it doesn't know what you are going to do next (purge and/or overexercise and/or go without food for long intervals). Your insides are damaged and what they need is more regular controlled eating.

The key is to have 3 small meals and 3 healthy snacks. It is best to plan these, with a dietician if that helps. Plan how many calories you will eat, make sure it is enough to mend yourself (we women need about 2000 calories a day). Don't go more than 3 hours between meals/snacks.

It will be hard but gets easier with time. Remember to tell yourself "well done" when you have eaten. It is worth it, if only to stop the bleeding and pain.

Does that help? Do ask again if I have confused you.

Do you feel able to go to your GP? I would have thought you may need a blood test to check how healthy your blood is.


I did when for blood but appt is on 2 week ltr. And i been so panic , awhile i feel ok awhile i feel lost. Im feeling so damn full and tightness. I spend my time in gym but i did not exercise non stop ... I jogging 35 mins , lift weight sit up and i go home


Im also self help my family thhink i insane . I got th urge of b/p can u tell me what i can do i feel so alone


It would be best if you can talk with someone on the phone. Try Anorexia Bulimia Care sufferers helpline

Tel: 03000 11 12 13

Parent Helpline: Option 1

Sufferer Helpline: Option 2

Self-Harm Helpline: Option 3


But im living in sg




I know the feeling of being alone. In a sense that is going to be the case. We are all different however I think many of us reading your psts are or have gone through that desperation.

Is there something that triggered you today?



Maybe i see myself gettig bigger and all ); i feel so fat


When our insides are short of fuel (food) then bloating/air can build up making us look fat when in fact it is just the opposite. Have you seen pictures of people starving?

The eating disorder can also give us the wrong idea. So we think we are fat when everyone else can see we are painfully thin.

We have to battle through this feelings. Your body is telling you that you need a good healthy set of meals and snacks.

Would you be able to get something to eat? Something healthy and not too much at once.


Hi tks for talking to me . But maybe i eat one huge meal and i gym i tot i can cope and not gain weight but i see my thighs my muscle on leg big like fat . My stomach digest systems long ! Arghh i couldnt cope alone ..


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